Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Black Kitten Mat Show-n-Tell

Seems I'm always making excuses as to why more hasn't been hooked on my projects.  Heck, it isn't as tho I have a job so it's my time management which is the issue here. 

At least I can see well now as I picked up the new prescription glasses.  My eyes are examined every year but there was such minimal change the last 3 years that no new glasses were required.  But about 3 months ago I noticed the left lens just wasn't working for me and things were a little blurry.  Now my vision is perfect and love being able to see just right.  Everything seems more crisp and didn't even mind the reduction of money in my checking account.

This is what the Black Kitten Mat looks like now.
And already know exactly how this kitten is getting bound.... none other than the Betsy Reed primitive binding technique.  I've already done a tutorial on that style and won't do one again when binding the kitten.  So if you want to learn how to do it just look at the top left of my blog and you will see a red square with a B in it with an open area to the right.  That is my blog's search engine and you can type key words there and previous posts related to that topic will show up. 

Unless it rains tomorrow it's once again time for grass cutting #!*&%!.  Yes, this weather is better than snow and freezing rain but sure does take time away from things I'd rather do.  Yes, life is good and am happy for every day I draw a breath, pull loops and be grateful for what I have.

Can you believe it is July 1st?  Just think, in less than 6 months it will be Christmas again.

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian Friends!!!  Enjoy and celebrate your holiday....I'll tip a glass of wine to that!!
canadian flag : Canadian Flag
Have a great evening.



  1. Kitty is looking good. Thanks for the candy shout out. I tipped a cool brew when I finished my painting.

  2. I was enjoying your posted until you mentioned 6 months until Christmas.
    Geez, you will be done with kitty in a couple days.
    Hugs :)

  3. Love the kitty and thanks for the Canadian flag.
    Hook as a hobby and not as a job. No stress and only fun. Life is way too short. Holy geez, christmas breathing down our neck already. Stop it girl... I wore shorts for the first time this summer today.

    I celebrated Canada Day with fresh lobster from PEI and a couple of cold beer.
    Good night, sweet dreams.


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