Monday, July 6, 2015

Antique Rug Eye Candy

Sure did know it was summertime on the east coast today.  Earlier today I looked at the thermostat and it registered 95; now typing this at 5 p.m. it is 85 degrees and still high humidity.  Well, at least it isn't snowing and I have A/C this July.  Ben is grateful to be inside too. 

Fantastic color combination on this wool sewn rug 1800s.  Cannot phantom how many hours (and wool) it must have taken to make a rug.  I'd love to do a mat with shirring one day but you can bet your sweet bippy it will be on the small side.
I like this red cat antique.  Most definitely you could use wide cut strips with this one with the echo border.  Notice the difference in the eye color of the cat.  Perhaps the original cat did have two different colors or she ran out of the darker blue.
With this antique Bird on a Limb rug below I first thought the lighter lines are the real delicate shape of the bird and the taupe color around it had faded from a darker color.  But then that same color shows up as a beauty line around the perimeter.   
Rug from 1890 with two horses, several hearts and birds.  Nice colors and think the combination of red, blue and taupe is what sells it.  Very nice.
A farm scene which has striking sky color and dark ground which really stands out against the light border, house, animals and crops
Below is a wool hooked and shirred rug which sold from Skinner for over $10,000 according to the comment.  However, don't know when that was but measurements were 31 x 44.  Oh my the time involved to make this.
Another farm scene.
And another horse.  This one is still on eBay if someone wants to buy it.  No, I'm not selling it just saw it there.
Here is the remembrance of the Union ironclad ship the USS Monitor.
Ever have those 3 a.m. wake ups and your brain won't shut off?  Although I tried to dream of clouds moving over head my mind would go to yard work that needing doing, how I need to empty more dresser drawers, get rid of fabric, crafts and also organize my wool room. 
The last time I looked at the clock it was almost 5 a.m. and still wasn't asleep.  After that refused to look at the clock but stayed in bed trying to doze off.  Eventually I did but must say it will be an early bed time tonight as I'm tired right now.
Will try to stay awake and pull a few loops on the black kitten so maybe when The Bachelorette starts it will keep my interest long enough to last until a reasonable bed time hour.  Yes, I know what you're thinking.... you mean you watch that trash?  Yup, and the young woman hasn't used her common sense at all.  And with HIM?  OMG, what was she thinking?
Have a good evening everyone.  And please remember your pets need water and a cool place just the same as you.  NEVER leave your pets in the car even with a window on a crack at these temps.


  1. I love the red and taupe one with the horses. I haven't succumbed to ever watching and episode of the bachelor/bachelorette but I watch lots of other trash. Lol

  2. Where on earth do you find all those antique rugs Saundra. You must have a magic wand or something that you wave at will. Wow, $10,000.00 dollars for that rug. Keep on hooking. There's money to be made in them there rugs.

    I got my backing NEAR the sewing machine and was going to zigzag around it but my beer is just too darn tasty. Come to think of it, I need a shower and some sleep too. I woke up at 3:00 am last night, or was that morning.
    Thanks for the rug show, friend.

  3. I hate when that happens to me and it happens a lot. I am worn out the whole next day.
    Those rugs are wonderful.

  4. I am hooking the Skinner $10,000 wool and shirred rug right now. Started it with Janice Johnson. She has this pattern. It is a puzzle to hook, but I love the way it is turning out.

  5. Great rugs. Endured one of my many sleepless nights last night, but at least accomplished some hooking. I feel your pain. But not even the punch drunk of sleeplessness could make me sit through the Bachelorette. But, I watch those horrible true crime shows. LOL.


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