Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Closer to the End of the Man Cave

And I am looking forward to the end of hooking and moving on.  At least now I know it will be done by Christmas and so happy that it was started early.

Today I was hooking away on the other beer mug to post an update.  My plans were to have the entire mug and foam all hooked.  But there were a number of issues. 

FIRST AND FOREMOST... I understand the concept of LIGHT direction.  Know the sun would have been on the same side for each mug and colors would be different than I've hooked.  So for you narrow cut realistic hookers I DO understand but my son will never notice and my brain and hands won't go there for this project.  Sorry.

The other problems were that I hadn't divided or hooked equally the beer colors.  Ditto on the bright white, yellow white and blue white wool.  And just when I thought about taking a photo for my blog noticed that my hooking of a mirror image colors from the other side beer mug didn't work.  I'd hooked a totally different color down one side.  OY!

Therefore this is all I have to show you.  A photo with a flash here.
And photo with a different setting which was taken without a flash.
Tomorrow I will start the preliminary binding of the cute little Black Kitten Mat.  That will be a great break even tho I'm not fond of binding.

Stay tuned. 



  1. Your son will never notice because I sure don't!!!
    Be done, my friend!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. We are our own worst critics!! He will not notice. I agree with Lauren, Be done. :)
    It looks great!

  3. Your rug looks fine to me with the mirror image. I would not have noticed it if you didn't pointed it to me.

    I too know about the light source coming from the same direction but sometimes when I hook and things is not turning out as I expected, I just get tired of the project and want to get done with it.

    I think those who make masterpieces must put an awful lot of planning into their work before they even begin to hook. I tend to dye as I go along without too much fussing.

    My problem is that my noticeable mistakes bugs me long after the rug is finished.


  4. Wow Saundra , i am just happy if i have the colors right. Lol !! that is why your rugs are so beautiful. You keep evolving as an artist. Hugs cheri


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