Friday, July 10, 2015

More Inspirational Rugs

Here are a few more rugs which inspire me for color, design, hooking, etc.  Some I have no interest in hooking myself but have a lot of admiration for the work involved.  This one is called Stars & Fans and  hooked by Sondra Marshall Ives.  I love that red background and color combination plays well together.  Saved it because a red background rug needs to be in my future.

This was an eye catcher for me too.  American fields and sky.  Again don't know who to give credit for this but kudos to whomever designed and hooked it.
Take a look at this drop dead awesome hooking.  Can't remember where I saw the picture and don't have any information but named it Zebra with 3-D Mane.  Wish I knew who hooked it so he/she could get credit.  Click to enlarge the picture and really study this beauty....the lashes on the zebra, the mane hairs and hair going toward the tail.  Also the soft hairs inside the ears.
The 4 Seasons rug was designed and hooked by my friend Joan Strausbaugh.  Joan does excellent hooking and all her loops like they have been pressed even as she is hooking they are so uniform.  Again not something I would personally enjoy hooking.  But she makes it look so easy with the transitions from season to season without putting each in a separate box separating the seasons.  And even the border colors make that easy flow with the seasons as well.  Great job Joan.
There are other photos in my inspirations file too, like this this 1820 Pennsylvania Trinket Box.  I like the colors and design and one day hope to do a rug like it.
Darn it!!!!!!  You'll just have to lean to your side to see this pretty boy named Tom which is a design by Woolley Fox and hooked by Alice Frasier.  Alice must have taken the picture for me with the camera on its side to capture the other hooked rug (not shown).  But the photos default to the original position which was on the side.  In looking at a blank linen on this design I'd have absolutely no interest in hooking it.  BUT, when seeing Alice's hooking of it this would definitely be on my list of rugs to hook.  Problem?  I'd want mine to look exactly like this!  Fantastic job Alice.
Well kids, just a little more to hook on my Black Kitten Mat and it will be done tonight.  Then I MUST work on my son's rug and bind Chum (still not bound), bind the kitten but before the binding I'll draw out another kitten to hook for a friend of mine.  Will do those other tasks before hooking the kitten for a second time just to give myself a little space from it.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend.  Hugs to all.



  1. They are all amazing in their own right. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your list of wants keeps growing with every rug show you post. You'll have to live to over 100 years old to get them all hooked. You can do it.

    I enlarged the pictures for a closer look and they are all great rugs. Thanks for the show Saundra.

  3. That zebra is fabulous! Your rug shows are always great inspirations. Can't wait to see more hooked on the man cave.
    I have a hooking question--shall I email you directly?


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