Sunday, July 5, 2015

Little This and That

My Independence Day weekend was rather quiet and with some chores.  My son came and trimmed two limbs which were assisting my Olympic jumping squirrels to land on top of my two squirrel proof 4  bird feeder poles.  No way they can get to them from the ground.  They would climb down to the very thinnest part of the limb and jump.  Needless to say they ruined my feeders with their rat like teeth so that sunflower seeds wouldn't stay in.  Problem is now solved.

Did cat duty for neighbors so they could go to the beach for the holiday and also cut grass in between the drizzles so Ben's playground is well groomed now.

And, pulled a few loops on the Black Kitten Mat while watching some great recorded movies.  I didn't keep track of how much time was looking at the loops being pulled vs. keeping my eyes on the TV screen.
Am looking forward to turning the curved corners and finishing 'Blackie' then will work more on my son's rug before doing the binding on this.  So then there will be two which need binding.... Chum and Blackie.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend as it is back to real life tomorrow.  However, this IS my real life and each day is a weekend or a holiday to me. 



  1. Your real life sounds pretty relaxed as compared to mine. I've been relaxing more when i had visitors than when I have no visitors.
    I cut my lawn yesterday also.

    The black kitten is looking very nice. You can pass it to ben to make it look more loved... lol.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to say "this is my real life". I am coming up on two years of being retired and I enjoy every single moment.

  3. I told you you'd be done with kitty in no time and you are close! When I hook in front of the TV, I am SUPER slow.
    Well, I have to go to work tomorrow...sigh.
    Hugs :)

  4. For those of us who are retire always have a weekend, sometimes it's hard to keep track of what day it is. Life is good. The black cat is coming along nicely. We had a quiet 4th with friends, it was stinking hot (for me) so we didn't stay for their fireworks.

  5. Hi, Saundra, I love your black kitty pattern. I would like to hook one. Is this your pattern, do you sell the paper pattern that I could trace on linen?


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