Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hooking and Binding Update

I've pulled the last loops on the Black Kitten Mat but it still needs to be steamed and bound. I'll bore you again later after it has received the Betsy Reed primitive binding.
As a reminder, this is what the original antique mat looks like.  Heck, perhaps I should have listened to my gut when first looking at wool choices and starting to hook  The picture compared to the original appears to be anemic... should have gone for the more yellow wool, "E".  Oh well, I can always do another.
Have already drawn out another Black Kitten Mat to hook for a friend of mine and will probably follow the same color palate as the one just hooked.  For sure I'll not be ready to hook this a third time even tho I wish mine was more aged yellow.  The friend would be better with squared corners since he is going to hang it on the wall.

Now there are two rugs which need to be bound so thought it time to start with the oldest in line first.  That ball of yarn is fantastic for whip stitching along the perimeter of a lot of my rugs as the variance in colors seem to work well with most of my dark borders.  Actually that  stitching isn't visible from the top but makes a nice secure edge and what's more it hides the foundation linen color.
Tonight my plans are just to chill and try to enjoy the binding process of Chum before starting to pull loops on my son's rug again tomorrow.  I mean, the binding must be done so may as well pour myself a glass of wine and enjoy the process in slo-mo.

Have a great Saturday evening.  Unless it rains tomorrow I'll be cutting grass (AGAIN)



  1. Hi, Saundra, I love your black kitten mat! Would it be possible to order a pattern for this on linen?

  2. I prefer your background colors as to the original yellow.

  3. I like your lighter colors, really came out beautifully.


  4. I love your lighter version of the antique kitty. I've got a crocpot of wool that just finished dying and I'm getting ready to hook but I won't rush this time. I still have some other shades to dye before I start.

    I sat on the swing on the deck with some cool beer and I'm just relaxing and I'm in heaven looking at the clouds and loving it... I only did the essential today.

    Hope that you take time to relax too.


  5. Oh, Saundra,
    I just love how your black kitty rug came out!!! It is really, really sweet!!! Though the original one is just wonderful, I love your version so much!! It has been so much fun watching your progress!!! Can't wait to see the binding!!!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Warm Hugs~

  6. "Enjoy the binding process"??? Thanks for the laugh :)
    Kitty is spectacular!!!
    Hugs :)


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