Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Magdalena's Animal Parade

My friend and rug camp roomie Deb just finished binding this humongous rug.  Magdalena's Animal Parade measures 33 x 79 and am quite sure I'll not be hooking it at that size.  Frankly I think Deb did quite a great job getting that rug hooked in under a year since she has a 'day' job and has hooked other projects between.  Like most of us (uh, me), the binding is always last, but she wanted to take it to Cape May in September for the show so finally bound it. 
And finally my Chum rug is bound.  Yeah, I know...for you new readers looking at this dog with those toes you're a little skeptical I'm sure.  When first drawing this out from the antique did draw regular paws.  However, when Barb saw the antique she suggested that it have the antique folk art toes originally hooked.  And so it was.
Just noticed in the photo above that the lighting in the kitchen made a difference in the coloring on the left and the right sideds.  The very same wools were used for both sides but the left looks more correct in the color than the right.  Interesting.

This is the original antique.
For those of you who may wish to hook this antique rug design I'll offer the pattern in both dog paws and with these toes.  The finished hooked piece measures 18 x 33.  Naturally it was hooked with nothing less than #8.5.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. No wonder it took under a year to hook that big rug.

    Yeah!! you got Chun all finished and I love the toes. I know the good feeling when we get things finished.

    I finally just finished cutting my lawn and had to douse myself with that Mosquito repellant. Yeew...

    I'm checking a few more blogs and I'm pulling some hoops.
    I like your Chum face better than the antique one. The antique Chum face looks more like hyena than a dog.


  2. Kudos to Deb. Her rug is spectacular. I cannot imagine hooking something that size no matter how large the cut!!! Tell her she done good.
    Chum just makes me laugh though I think it is a rather evil looking creature.
    Hugs :)

  3. I love your chum rug the toes are funny.

  4. love your Chum rug...even if it looks like a character from Grimm...

  5. Wow that is a big rug!!! They both are great :) Enjoy Your Day In Wool! ~All My Best, Kimberly


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