Monday, July 13, 2015

Busy, Clutter, Chaos and Overwhelmed

Frankly I'm feeling all those descriptive words all at once.  Yesterday I awoke to an order for two rug patterns and they will ship today.  I also cut grass yesterday so it was a very productive and busy Sunday.

Then today after shipping the other two patterns had an order for another pattern which was just drawn.  So yes, been a busy girl here.

Am still plugging along and NOT enjoying the binding process of Chum....there Lauren, I said it, lol.  It isn't even halfway done so will struggle thru the rest of the day working on it.
My son's Man Cave pattern is in the basket patiently waiting to have more loops pulled and having it there staring back at me is disturbing.  Perhaps I should tuck it away until I'm ready to work on it, right?
The second Black Kitten mat wool is also hanging around waiting it's turn at the frame for my friend when I'm ready for a break from my son's rug.
Yesterday this was my view from the drawing table with only a portion of the room in  view which is in total chaos; wool on the floor, wool oozing out of shelf spaces, colors mingled and some yardage needing a home other than the floor.  I must find a home for the Polly patterns which get drawn less these days and organize this room AGAIN which continues to get organized only to get in disarray over and over.
Before leaving the room after drawing a pattern did organize one narrow cubby of wool.  But since seeing a wool color (that purplish on the Nantucket Broom Ride) decided to see if that could be used somewhere in the Cape May class rug.  Oh yeah, may as well add more chaos into the mix Saundra.  Nantucket Broom Ride is a design by Lori Brechlin and offered by Spruce Ridge Studios.
Must decide which colors I want for the houses and think I want fall colors.  Since it is a Halloween rug too, it needs some purple and orange and green.  I'm sure as the chaos of the wool room gets more organized I'll encounter lots of wool possibilities.  Cape May rug camp is a little over 2 months away so there really is plenty of time to get ready for that.

Have a great Monday evening.



  1. I used to hook non stop, amazing how many beautiful rugs you have made and always taking the time to choose the right colors and fix things that are not right. Love the broom ride, that looks like a fun one to do.


  2. It's a nice chaos. I love the colors and such a nice pattern. I have lots to bind and whip and I don't let it bother me as it's useless. I'm not doing a darn thing about.

    But I know how a mess can get to you. I can't function with things all over the place I just got started on my rug after lunch for about 15 minutes and I've been cleaning the terribly messy corner behind the shed. The kids all dump their garden fence & stuff by there and I can't mow and the weeds and branches have taken over that corner. I'm 30 minutes late for barn duty and I needed to cool down. It's 28 or 82.4 °F.

    I guess we all have our chaos.

  3. I feel all those and more plus the damn day job is on my nerves...more so than usual. Sucks to be!
    Broom Ride is going to be spectacular!!!
    Hugs :)

  4. LOL there are a lot of us living in the creative chaos of "stuff". Love seeing the wools you are pulling for the Broom Ride. Hope you take lots of pictures to share while doing this one.

  5. I have a spare bedroom I just shut the door to the wooly mess until I am home and feeling like doing something.
    I have a pattern that I just had drawn for me that needs some attention just to busy in the summer.


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