Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Making Rug Labels

In a previous post a little over a year ago I gave a tutorial of sorts for different ways to make rug labels and even showed a few different styles I've done; you can check out that post HERE.  This time I did something a little different...actually a couple somethings.  This is the back side of Cherries and Candy Stripe with the new label attached.
The first thing I did differently was to put a mini photo of the original antique rug from which my table runner was adapted.  Thought that would be good historical information, problem is I forgot to include the huge dimensions of the original on my label.  The original measured 30 x 75 and my hooked runner measures 13.5 x 33.5.  Oh well this label can be reprinted on another sheet of 8 labels in future date....but need to buy another package of the printer fabric first. 

Here is a close up of the label.  Can you tell that I'm not a professional quilter as my stitches aren't consistent.
Another thing I did differently than the last sheet of labels, unfortunately,  was to use straight cut scissors instead of pinking shears to cut them out.  That I'll never do again.  That silly mistake meant that the edges of the fabric required a bead of Dritz Fray Check along all four sides of all the labels.

Here are the other labels I printed for other rugs.  Actually there are several more rugs which need a label but no more fabric printing sheets so need to purchase more.
Then the other thing done differently is not having lines printed between the two rows of 4 labels.  This time I had the forethought to remove the border lines for printing that was initially put in when setting up the Windows Table. 

Have a great evening everyone.




  1. I've never labeled a rug but I think it's a great idea. You can't get that printable fabric around here.

  2. I never labeled my rugs either and i'm not so quick on binding them either. I've been intrigued bu the freezer paper method but i'm worried of jamming the printer. We really need the printer for the business and my husband would have my head if I jammed it with a stupid rug label , me think...think.

    I know some day I will print out my own label and maybe my son in law will be there to guide me.

    Your labels looks so professional.

  3. the photos add a nice detail...your labels are wonderful...I do a primitive stitch all along the back of my rugs with info...

  4. I love your labels......so creative. I Label my rugs and often put doodles and draw on them. Kat

  5. Great labels. The addition of the antique photo will certainly add to the historical significance of the rug. Smart!!

  6. These labels are so cute. Thanks for sharing.


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