Thursday, July 9, 2015

Inspirations Rug Show

When I peruse blogs, Pinterest, rug shows, etc. I keep inspirational photos on my flash drive.  It could be the color combinations, it could be a new pattern someone is offering which I'd like to hook.  So I thought it was time to share a few of those pieces with you.

Sharon Smith's designs can be picked out of a room full of rugs even without a name tag.  I admire everything she does but not sure I'd be able to do the pattern justice since the colors are way out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless I continue to save wonderful photos of her designs.
And is also as easy to pick out a design by Deanne Fitzpatrick.  Her hooking makes it look so dang easy to hook people and colors which are near close to the same value (woman third from left) with just a few darker hooked loops.  She doesn't do a solid line, just hit and miss so it is like a dot dot dot of wool here and there.   Deanne's books are on my shelf and one day plan to hook one of her designs.
Cannot remember where I saw this picture posted but do know it is a design of Bev Conway.  My gal pal Deb had the design early in her hooking and didn't like what she did so threw the whole thing away....wool and all. OMG, silly girl.  This is one I'd like to hook myself and these colors are quite in my palate.  Fantastic job who ever hooked this!!!  If you know who hooked it I'll post the name.
Cathy Gresher hooked this gorgeous beauty below and those color combinations are YUMMY together.  Cathy, please let me know if this is your design.
While I've proven to myself and you that I'm not much of a geometric person, this pattern (is it called log cabin?) with light and dark has always caught my attention.  Just wish I had the endurance to see a project thru with several blocks like this.  But saved it for inspiration to give myself a prod.
This Polka Dot Pony rug below was hooked by Pat Merikallio.  She will always have a special place in my heart for nurturing my virgin trip to Cape May when she saw me post questions on RugHookers.  She was also the first woman whose work I'd seen using colors in value hooking.
Most recently I saw this on Pinterest and is by Caroline Hegwer.  What was awesome to me is how she used the dark blue, light blue and the light stems with such a fantastic contrast.  Awesome.
Well kiddies, I've lost more time looking up names to post here for the pieces so gotta run. 



  1. There are SO MANY talented people out there.
    Is kitty fini?
    Hugs :)

  2. Thanks for the rug show again Saundra. I agree with Lauren, there are so many talented people out there.


  3. Thank you for posting a picture of my work and for your lovely feedback.
    Your blog is an inspiration.


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