Friday, July 31, 2015

Another Cat Mat?

Actually, it's another kitten mat that I'm hooking for my guy friend who loved the other I was working on.  Problem is that I really had fallen in love with the mat when I started working on it and planned the journey for the mat. 

And, think he would prefer squared corners rather than the curved corners I planned and same with the primitive rag tag binding which I love.  Plus feel he would find it strange to have the separation down the middle of the kitten as the original antique had and I replicated.  This is the one finished for me and for patterns.
This is the one I've started for my friend.  Since there will NOT be any additional border needed decided to make life simple for me and sew on the cotton rug binding in advance.  I can hook up to the edge of the binding, steam and bind...easy peasy.
 And I'm so up-to-date on hooking and binding that this kitten and a couple more rug labels is all on my to-do list before the next bestest thing on my frame.  Which I just might draw out this weekend....AFTER cutting grass at a some point.

Hope you have a great weekend and play pretty with one another.



  1. Well you sure didn't loose time with hooking this little kitten. Your friend will be happy that he didn't had to wait too long. I never sew the binding on before hooking my rugs as I sometime make it bigger as I add designs as I go. I have so many rugs to bind and whip.

    One of these days I'll do it. hehe. Maybe if I had my bunions operated on, I'd have lots of time to bind and whip all my rugs. I don't have a whole lot but for some reason, I don't finish them...
    Have a great weekend. Long weekend here but to me it only means long weekend of hard work. Got another baby calf this morning. She's tiny and smart as a whip but her mom refused to lick her clean and wouldn't let her nurse so she had to be put in a small pen for her safety.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. You can sew on the binding before you hook?? Really? I always learn something here

  3. You are just a hooking machine!
    Gave my son his rug tonight. I think he liked it.
    Hugs :)

  4. Good for you, going ahead and getting this one off the list!


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