Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Black Kitten Mat is Back

Are you bored yet?  If not you might be soon.  Yup, am getting close to being done with this cute mat which was intentionally hooked with rounded corners.  This photo was taken in natural light outside on my porch and notice I'm causing a shadow on the left side.  Oh well, you still get the idea.
The reason I say you will be bored eventually is because I took this mat to wine tasting last Friday.  Although no others are rug hookers they are disappointed if I don't take something for show-n-tell. 

There is one guy who has always wanted to buy something I've shown when doing shows and would ask the price.  His eyes popped just like everyone else who thinks this is a hobby and would cost $10 just like those handmade quilts which were made with scraps....  Right... so you do understand where I'm going with this.

This local young man does love my work and said this kitten reminded him of his cat Dax.  So plan to hook another just for him because I WANT this one.  Thankfully it is small and his will be a little different.  His will have squared corners as that would be better for him to put on the wall.  Also won't do the grey down the middle of the kitten like the original antique, but rather echo hooking which will be easier I think. 

However, before I start his mat I'll need to pull more loops on my son's rug.  After all, it's getting a little closer to Christmas even tho it is hot and humid as hell right now and hard to think about winter.

Have a great evening everyone.  Please take care of your pets and be sure they have plenty of water, shade and preferably inside like my spoiled Rottweiler Ben.



  1. That was a quick sale. I would like to see this guy hook one for $10......
    I'm sure that the wines were tasty even though you didn't say so.

    No, I'm not bored of kitty yet....

    Good night.

  2. Please!!! No talk of Christmas and winter!!!
    You never bore us.
    Hugs :)

  3. I'm never bored when there is kitten talk...especially in your rugs...mmm, winter...makes me happy just to think of cold weather...


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