Sunday, February 28, 2016

Over the Rainbow....

...and I mean that I am totally over the rainbow situation.  Am considering calling this rainbow finished!  Have hooked and reverse hooked colors in different places numerous times.  Either the colors didn't seem to work well together (think hit and miss) or had too much red or another color in one spot.  Really wanted to use the green wool which is in the limbs and stems but it didn't seem to work when the strip of wool was in my hand.  I'm over this damn rainbow ~ I think.
In looking at that photo again appears there still is too much red and to think I was worried about red elsewhere in the rug.

So contemplating this rainbow as finished have placed a strip of background wool along the underside.  Since the star on the left was made higher and into a flower perhaps it would work okay.
Now, if you look at the second photo again you can see what I'd considered hooking as a border along the rainbow section instead of the background blue.  Only considered that when hiding of ends in various ways didn't work out.  Yet, since it is a multicolored strip it isn't known yet if only the blue will show up or the red will show at the top of the loop.  Perhaps I'd be best served keeping the background wool all along the edge.

Plus, if I do pull out the blue then some of those now hidden ends would need to be redone inside the loops of whatever is hooked in its place.  See what I mean about being over it?  

There are some of you out there who are not intimidated by hit and miss.  While I do love the look obviously don't have knack for it.  Now, if it was regimented with 5 or 6 different colors of wool and they were worked in order over and over then that would be easy peasy.  I'm working out of my worm baggies and want it to appear primitive.  

Think I'll work on a little background along the bottom and safe sections of the rug and not bother with the rainbow any more tonight.

Wanted to get this piece further along before drawing out the OOHRH challenge rug.  Plus still haven't completely finished binding the two horse mats.

Have a great evening and hope your Sunday was as mild as it was here today.



  1. Love it as always such great color. We were mild and lovely today.

  2. Well...the rainbow is wonderful...keep the background wool. You definitely think more than I do ~ and that's why your rugs are always the best!
    Hugs :)

  3. It's looking good... I don't think you have too much red. I would hook the dark blue background and then deal with the rainbow after if it still bugs you. I doubt the authentic primitive hookers would have put so much thought into the rainbow but then I wasn't there. I thought they use whatever was available in the good old days.

    Hope you have a great week Saundra.

  4. I'm just picturing you as Dorothy and singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". Lol

  5. I would just forget about the rainbow and hook the rest, then you can see how it looks overall and fix it, if you still hate it. I am seeing it with the dark color filled in and I like the naiveté it gives to the rug.


  6. and I love it ~ perfectly primitive rainbow to me ~


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