Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rug Eye Candy...but Not My Horse yet

When I don't do a blog post every day I feel like such a slacker.  Am so very close to being finished with the first horse mat....yes, a small dang mat..... and it still isn't done YET????  What the??????  Okay excuse #1 is the hair appointment to get those ugly mousy grey roots dyed today. Excuse #2 is that a pot of homemade chili was needed for this frigid weather knocking on my doorstep and is still on the stove.

Okay,  so let's see what I can find in my stash of photos.  Alrighty then, speaking of horses ~ isn't this rug below absolutely wonderful?  Those look liked hooked edges and know for sure I'd not wanted to bind that bad boy.  But it sure is a beauty.
The farmyard rug below looks really fresh but was on an auction site indicating it was hooked between 1900-1920. What was interesting is the shape of the barn on the left and how the right end is longer the the rest.  It's that little bit of naive style from someone who isn't aware of perspective and makes one think it may be an antique.  So....antique or artistic technique?  It sure is in great shape.
Here is a nice and different turn of a floral design with swags in the corner and  wreath shaped floral in the center.  I like this rug and I'm not so much into florals lately.
This buffalo rug is great too and think the hooker (antique or not) did a magnificent job hooking a dominant, majestic buffalo and did the sepia or faded out surroundings.   
The cows and farmyard rug is interesting.  To the far left it appears to be a horse head (no body) and larger than the cows going home.  Would like to see the unfaded wool underneath to see what the true colors were.  Also the story about the horse head on the left.   
Okay guys and gals the chili is done and I'm hungry.  My plan is to show you the first horse mat hooked tomorrow.  It's really close to being done.   Hope you have a great evening.



  1. OMG, you a slacker by not posting every day? Who came up with that stupid rule??? Not me, I a true grit slacker when it comes to posting on my blog lately and even hooking.

    My favourite rug is the farm scene even with the lack of perspective.

    The chilli sounds nice. I had split pea soup and it hit the spot.


  2. Always fun to see antique or interesting rugs. I am wondering, is it possible that the barn is on a hill and one section is lower at the bottom of the hill, still out of perspective, but interesting to wonder why. I also love the Buffalo and the use of lighter shades in the background.


  3. Love love love seeing the rugs you post. We are going into the cold weather this weekend chili sounds great.

  4. Chili really sounds good. May have to make a run to the store for fixings. I love Fritos with mine. Love that cool buffalo rug.


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