Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Rug Show

As I'm not quite ready to show my little bit of progress on the OOHRH Sheep challenge piece yet thought you needed some sort of blog fix. Yes, I did finally decide on the grass and stem color of the daffodils and am presently out of my slump.  But it has been two days since I posted and figured you needed to see a little something here.

First is a yarn sewn rug on a footstool hooked approximately 1830, according to the auction site.  It is mounted on a madder base footstool, hooked with cotton and wool.  The legs of the foot stool are visible and I chose to not crop those out of the photo.
Below is a hooked deer with a scroll edge.  Sorry, don't have any other facts.
Below is a landscape with animals and birds.  No other information other than my visual observations, lol.
A very faded floral center and geometric border hooked rug, don't know the date but has seen some use in it's time.
Not sure if I've shown you this antique horse rug below before or not. But in looking at it closely (tap on the photo is you want to enlarge it), notice the frightened look in the horse's eye.  I'm thinking this is a race horse or show horse who was getting his legs bound (or unbound), got spooked and darted off.  Those are wrapped legs not natural 'socks'. Not sure what the proper term was but as a kid when talking about our horse we referred to light colored hair near the hoof as a sock.
I love this whale rug which sold for $28,000 by 1stdibs.  One day I want to hook it.  Think Maria Barton did an adaptation of this design too, and was wonderful.
The rug with all the cats below is great and a good adaptation.  But if you look closely it appears the edge is whipped with wool which definitely wouldn't have been done years ago.  But whoever hooked it did a darn good job making it look old, dirty and worn.  If anyone knows who hooked it I'd love to give credit and know who I should be envious of for their talents.
This rug is quite colorful and question its antiquity with the colors and scallop edge.  Unfortunately I cannot read the information below the rug so don't know any other info.
For years I've wanted to hook the 3 Bears rug.  My grandson is into football, soccer, baseball and Nascar so no bears for him.  Maybe one day I'll tap into my inner child and hook it just for me.
Well chickadees, time for me to fix my salad, heat up the homemade soup and then hook.  Sadly I haven't made the artisan bread recipe that Kim of Millie's Mats spoke of but have purchased the yeast.  So now my plan is to make the bread the day I make some homemade chicken rice soup.

Have a great evening everyone and please be kind to one another.  



  1. Great rugs and I have always loved that whale rug.


  2. I love that whale rug, too.
    Thanks for the show.
    I knew your slump wouldn't last :)

  3. Hi Saundra, I've seen that Three bear pattern several time but I didn't know it was an old pattern. I love that horse and whale rugs too. I've been wanting to make Artisan bread since Pat Wenger made a blog post about way back. It's just a matter of time before I get to it.
    I can't picture you in a slump somehow but I'm glad you out of it.


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