Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Sigh..... would you like to see what stupid looks like?  Here it is. Yup it is ME.  I cannot believe how stupid I was today.  Uh, am sure this isn't the only day I've had a stupid moment.
Okay... here's the story.  I had two patterns to draw for a very important and well known hooker and wanted to send them off as soon as possible via priority mail.  However getting the prescribed sizes, etc. they weren't drawn on linen until lunch time.

My plans were to eat lunch and take a bike ride to my mail box at the end of the road for pick up by my mail carrier. I did the click and ship and since my usual delivery time is around 3 pm. thought I was safe.   

OOPS.  My mail was already there for today. So this package you see below dated for today wouldn't be picked up here until tomorrow.
Came back from the mailbox, grabbed my purse, car keys and drove to the Post Office a few miles from my house.  Parked my car, grabbed my purse and looked for the package.  WTF (whiskey, tango, foxtrot) where was the package of patterns?   

You guessed it.  Back at the house.  There was NO WAY I was driving back home and going back to the post office to ship the package.  So I'll leave tomorrow morning early and stick it in the 'out box' in hopes that they will think it was delivered inside just after they closed the doors but still in today's date.  

OMG, how stupid can a woman be?  

For a while I took leave of my thought process but can't explain where it was.

Hope you have a great evening.



  1. Don't be too hard on yourself Saundra. You're allowed one senior moment once in a while. I love that genuine smile.
    With a nice smile like that, the customer won't mind the late delivery.
    Have a great rest.

  2. Great story,
    Stupid can sometimes be my middle name.

    1. I wanted to respond to you via email but you are a no-reply blogger so you wouldn't get it. I think stupid should be my middle name too.

  3. Your pic is sweet!! What a lovely person,,, u look happy,,,, it happens to me alot,,,, dont worry , be happy,,,love ur blog,,,,

    1. Thanks Elaine, I wanted to write to you personally but you are a NO-REPLY blogger. Anyway, the reason I look so happy is because it was Cape May rug camp time. What's not to be happy about when you're around a bunch of people who like the same thing you do...hooking.

  4. Stupid ?
    When I used to work at the hospital, coming home LATE one night, I was waiting at a traffic light - it was taking forever to change to green. I WAS SO TIRED, I just wanted to be home. I took out my garage door opener and pointed it at the light and pressed ... Now why isn't that light changing ????
    It was one of those moments that was so 'stupid' it was scarey !

  5. ...but on the other hand,that's a great picture of you and I love your hair!!!

  6. If you looked up the word stupid in the dictionary, my picture would be there...sigh.
    Just call it a blonde moment.
    Hugs :)

  7. Too funny .....I just call those little incidents Brain Farts ! Your picture is great , you look so happy !


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