Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Daffodils and Sheep Rug

Guess you won't let me slide with another 'sneak peak' huh?  Okay, it's time to fess up and show what progress has been made on the challenge rug.  I already showed you the wool used to hook the sheep's body.  Also showed only a corner of a part of yellow of the flower until I felt comfortable continuing with my plan.

Thanks to Kelley for the great design and her inspiration for the spring challenge using daffodils.  I've loads of daffodils planted in my yard too and so enjoy looking at their spring blooms too.  They are a symbol of warmth, freshness and puts a spring to my step.   That is why I needed to figure out a way to capture a likeness of the flower she drew.  Okay, ready for the unveiling??
As narrow cuts are not my favorite thing, knew the flowers would have to be hooked in nothing less than an #8 cut.  One or two may be #8, but also have #8.5, a #9 and even a #10 to see which flute I liked best. Sometimes I used different strips in the one flute.  The one in the bottom far right think was one strip in 1" which may not work as well as the others.  However, will make adjustments later.

I've scribbled a curved border and haven't chosen house colors yet.  My color planning is in my head using a couple pieces of wool I'd like to use but not sure it they will work.

Unfortunately haven't accomplished much hooking today since I was sitting at a car repair to have my automatic window motor replaced. However, it was a wonderful time to continue work on binding a couple mats which I hate doing.  That was better than watching those game shows they have on the TV.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. I LOVE it!!! I think you are moving along quickly.
    Keep on hookin' :)

  2. Your rug is coming along nicely. Love that sheep in the green grass with daffodils. You think that a #8 is narrow? My favorite is a # 5, probably because I learned on a #5 I think. I got comfortable with it. My rug hooking is never a rush job as you probably have already noticed, lol... I get is done at snail pace but I do enjoy the pulling hoops when I hook.

    Your daffodils are already blooming outside? Lucky girl...

  3. I really love how your rug is coming out and how you did the flowers, that is going to be so beautiful.


  4. Oh Saundra your rug is turning out so nice!

  5. I that sheep is SO cuddly looking!

  6. You really know how to make the subject come to life. Thanks for sharing I really enjoy seeing the progress.

  7. Love ur mat,,,,, need to hook a sheep pattern I have,,, needed urs for inspiration,,,,, thanks,,,, love the yellow flowers,,, they really look like daffodils, ,,,

  8. Great idea & hooking on the daffodils, they look awesome! I also love the wool you chose for your sheep. I'm thinking I will needle punch the pattern. Spring is coming!!

  9. The daffodils look as if you could reach out and pick them!!!


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