Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Sheep Update

Today finally posted my update on the OOHRH Challenge rug on the closed group. The deadline isn't until May 1st so if you are interested in joining the challenge click on the link above and ask to be a part of the challenge group.  That link takes you to the 'open' group of hookers. And if you wish to become a part of the challenge  you would need to ask to participate.
At one time I'd not hooked even one sheep rug all tho it is their wool which gives me so much pleasure and entertainment.  So just went thru some photos to see what sheep rugs I've hooked.  Below is Flag Day Sheep (a Woolley Fox design) which I changed.  No disrespect for our American Flag as I've numerous Americana rugs and rugs with a hooked American Flag. My change was to remember a rug which Barb Carroll had just off her classroom and one I remember from my very first class there.
Naturally an E.S. Frost design has to be a part of the hooker's world.  No way I'd have tackled the scrolls without the expertise of Ms. Barb Carroll.  She is the one who guided me thru this process until I was ready to bring it home and finish it on my own with no problem.
Yet another E.S. Frost Sheep design I hooked and think this one was done in a class with Lucille Festa.
And just found this design of a Ram I hooked some time ago.
Okay, so now I feel better and don't feel like I've cheated my followers. You've had some eye candy and have seen my slow progress on the Sheep Challenge rug.

Tomorrow since the weather is going to be good I  just MUST pick up more pine cones and sticks to get ready to cut some weeds.  The yard looks yucky since it is the onion stems which makes the yard look bad. Plus must trim my lirope so the new growth is good.  

Just too much yard work for me now and when it used to be such fun ~ not fun for me any longer.

Enjoy your evening and especially your tomorrow warmer weather.



  1. You have a nice portfolio of sheep rug and ram.

    No my weeds and lawn yet. We're having our usual St Patrick Day storm tomorrow with 10 cm of snow or close to 4 inches. I won't complain, spring isn't far.

  2. You've got a great flock of sheep :) My fav is the Lucille Festa/Frost sheep.

  3. A wonderful tribe of sheep !!
    Good luck with that lawn work (snow is coming !)

  4. Fun to see so many versions of the sheep rugs you have hooked - I think I have only one..... Interesting to hear you talk about the weeds in your yard - have no inkling of what onion stems are - or lirope either. Must not grow here in Utah!

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Love all your sheep rugs, especially the E.S. Frost rug!! Not a Baaaaad
    sheep in the bunch!!! Sorry! lol
    Hope you can get some yard work done and then reward yourself for all your hard work!!!!
    Take care, my friend!
    Warm Hugs~


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