Friday, March 4, 2016

Hooking Slump

I actually titled the blog post "Let the Journey Begin".  But that didn't really happen...yet.  Instead think the title should be what it is now.  

That soon to be journey would be the Out of Hand Rug Hookers Spring Sheep Challenge, otherwise known as OOHRH. You will have to join the group in order to participate in the challenge but that is the easy peasy part.

The pattern has been drawn on linen and chose to draw mine out at 18 x 25 so those dainty daffodils would be a bit bigger.
As this is a challenge among many of us hookers wanted to make it a personal challenge for me too.  That challenge would be to use as many leftover strips of wool as possible.

It is one thing when you take a class at a camp and you can't carry your suitcase full of worms with you.  BUT at home you have those baggies accessible.

Since daffodils are a spring flower that means there would be a spring green grass, right?  So I dumped out my huge collection of greens on the table.
Then began picking grass (the bright) and flower stems (the darker). The colors don't meld well to me.  Plus flat colors don't do it for me any longer.  Flat (non-textured) are great for certain things but as I'm color planning the challenge rug am not ready to start.
Tomorrow will be looking to see what wool yardage will be used for the grass and flower stems.  Meanwhile I'm doing what I hate to do.... that is BIND a rug.  Am now on my second horse mate.

Check back to see if I get out of my hooking slump.



  1. It is going to be wonderful and what a good challenge for you to use up your leftovers.

  2. You crack me up. One day and you're in a slump. Puleeze!!!
    You'll do great.
    Hugs :)

  3. I can't wait to see how you do the pattern. Not sure if I will do this one, more detailed than I want to do right now, need simple and small.


  4. If you're a SLUMP, then I'm in a DUMP... You must be a hoopahollic...I haven't pulled a hoop let alone whipped my latest rug. Work is piling on and Spring will be here and nothing to show for. I'm getting behinder and behinder.

  5. I'm in the abyss compared to your hooking slump...would offer to send you my green worms but those are lacking in my stash too...

  6. WHY is it always the case??? A huge bag of worms, wrong shade, no texture, cut too small. Guess that is why we have stash. So much for that part of the challenge, huh???

  7. Sometimes it truly is a challenge using what we have and making do.... We are spoiled by having so many options. I'm sure it will be beautiful!

  8. Hi Saundra,
    I LOVE your new rug!! The sheep and daffodils just SCREAM Spring!!! Just keep repeating to yourself, "I am NOT in a SLUMP!" and before you know it, you WON'T be!!!! See? I TOLD YOU!!!!!
    Enjoy your day.....NOT being in a SLUMP!!
    Warm Hugs~


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