Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Never Ending Binding Syndrome

I've just named a syndrome known as the 'never ending binding'. Hey, sounds silly but makes sense.  The more you hook, the faster you hook, the more binding is required.    Yet, I hate the binding part.  Just wish I had the money to afford someone to do it for me.  But the only way it will be done is if I do it.  So it is a self-inflicted "never ending binding syndrome".  

While there is only a tad of sky to hook on the Sheep and Daffodil Challenge rug thought I should set that aside and finish binding the other two mats.  Happily one of those two mats just got bound today. That would be Rainbow Cabin.
Still in the wings is binding of one of the two horse mats hooked.  And VERY SOON will be the challenge rug.

And as soon as those are done I'll start something special for my grandson.  

Have a great evening everyone, since I'm really running late will cut this short.



  1. You do a pretty job keeping up with your binding. You've never been years behind...like some people though we won't mention any names :)
    Happy binding :)

  2. Did you whip bind with yarn? Or some other way?

  3. Too funny, Saundra !
    Somehow it all gets done and your rugs are marvelous ;)

  4. I'm way behind on quilt binding...that I don't care for...but I love to bind rugs...too bad we live far apart...uh-oh...I think Lauren is in driving distance...

  5. Watch out Kelley!!! I may be showing up on your doorstep :)


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