Monday, March 21, 2016

That Time Again

Time for another rug show since I'd like to get a little more accomplished on the Sheep & Daffodil Challenge piece before showing it again.  Have also been planning what my next rug project will be and working it in my  head.  As  my grandson Zach was so impressed and excited about the Man Cave rug I hooked for his dad last Christmas would like to hook something for my grandson.

So on with the show.  Cute cat rug with brick center and checkered border.
 Below is a vintage sewn rug.  Am hoping if you click on the picture you will see the rows of stitching which makes the rug.  This design is yet another in my stash to be hooked at some time.
The piece below I've been trying to decipher.  At first I thought the guy on the left was a doctor but then decided they are drinking a toast to something ~ or maybe it is 5 o'clock there,  lol.
A soft floral below; nice soft colors with the primitive dark.  But must admit I'd probably get very bored with all that blue background.
A hexagon rug with hearts.
I've always loved this deer rug and am sure you've seen it numerous times on the internet.  There's just something about the dirty muddy neutrals that speak to me.
Cute dog rug with clouds, fence and flowers.
Time for a horse rug since we've had a cat, dog, deer and chickens
There are a few other antique rug photos I could show you but need to save something for the next time.  

So I'll try to pull as many loops as I can on the challenge piece and maybe have something more to show tomorrow.  Happy Monday everyone and hope Ellie is doing better this afternoon after her bad night last night.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    LOVED your rug show!! The cat rug and the heart rug are my absolute favorites, but there is something to love about the others too!! Am hoping Ellie and Lauren are doing much better today! Such a frightening and sad thing to happen!
    Enjoy your day, my friend~

  2. That orange rug is very interesting, I've been looking at it over and over and it looks like the men are having each a glass of beer and making a toast like you said.

    It's very sad seeing Little Ellie like this. It must be very hard on Lauren too.
    They are both in my prayers.
    Our big winter storm is here and schools were all closed this morning.

    Thanks for the rug show. Some very interesting rug again.

  3. My favorites are the deer and the cat! But I could live with any of them!

  4. I choose the chicken rug...such an odd combo of chickens surrounded by formal floral. Thanks for always sharing great antiques to inspire.

  5. I love your rug shows inspiring



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