Thursday, March 10, 2016

To Glue or Not To Glue?

Or could use the word 'rubber coating or adhesive' rather than glue. This is a question which most all newbie hookers wonder, since rugs slip on a slick floor. My answer is absolutely not.  Using a glue on a mug mat, a hot pad, flower pin backs and like is okay using and Eileen's Glue.  But a definite no for rugs on the floor.

If you want to have a more secure walking surface for a rug placed on the floor purchase a roll of a waffle weave rubber rug mat which may be purchased in different sizes.  Below is one such product which has been under a rug in my kitchen near the back door for years.
Below is more the waffle weave look I spoke about and is similar to the shelf liners used in kitchens.  They can be purchased in the linen department of most local department stores Walmart, Best Buy and even Amazon.
Ya know those rubber backings on bathroom mats which end up looking like this below?  Eventually your hard work on your precious rug would end up with the same cracking and peeling if you use it.  
So don't purchase that sealer.  As mentioned before, using glue to put a wool or felt backing on the bottom for hot pads, mug rugs, flower pins and small projects would be fine.  But please, not on your floor rugs.

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  1. Hi Saundra, by coincidence, there was some discussions today on Rug Hooking Daily about using glue on a hooked rug backing and everyone was in agreement with "NO GLUE"

    I use those shelves liners under my rugs too. I tack them in place with a few stitches to keep them in place.

  2. Yep, those gripper pads are awesome

  3. I've used shelf liner, too and also bought the gripper pads at Wally World.
    Sheep done yet?
    Hugs :)


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