Monday, May 9, 2016

Favorite Sports Rug

Yesterday was Mother's Day and a bark from Ben alerted me there was someone who just arrived.  Oh, my son Greg, Cathy and grandson Zach. At first I opened the door to let my son in and then in a panic.... OMG my grandson's sports rug is on the frame in that room and facing the door.  Cathy was shocked when I said back up... you and Zach go outside.  The pattern was grabbed up and hidden but now my grandson knows something is up with him that he can't see.  

There is my progress so far.  Yeah I know... not much to show.  But remember this isn't due until December.  Plus I'm getting ready for a rug camp and have loads of chores to do before I leave this weekend.

So, m'dears..... you see that black border?  There are 3 rows of primitive dark/black of that and next row closest to the background will be a beading technique incorporating all the colors of the flags and the icon images below.  Don't know about "beading"?  Stay tuned and I'll give you a lesson later.

Have a great evening.



  1. such a great present! He will love it. lucky you off to camp.

  2. Happy you were able to prevent Zach from coming in and spoiling the surprise. I love the look of beading but haven't done it enough to feel comfortable doing it.
    Not much more to hook and you'll be on to just background. Actually pulled a few (very!) loops this evening. My hook's getting rusty.
    Hugs :)

  3. That is funny, I know that feeling. Hard to work on things and not let people see them, even if I am in my sewing room, Mr. Nosy will come see what I am doing, lol. I need to make something for him, so need to make time while he is at work and hope I can get it done in time.


  4. LOL, so you're not a good one to keep a secret huh! I would have loved to see their faces as you shoved them out the door.

  5. Glad u had a great moms day!! Nice surprise,,,, rug looking great, too,,,, have a great day,,,

  6. Your shading is turning out very well. Love seeing your progress.


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