Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trying to Simply

HA!  That's a laugh.  As much as I've given away already and I still see EXCESS all over the place.  All of my 'stuff' was organized on shelves, in plastic containers, in the attic or in my sewing room.  My house doesn't look like a hoarder lives here but am now believing that is what I was. Uh, but I prefer...."a collector of things".

In the beginning of my 'crafty' endeavors while still working a day job, it was making dolls.  Then, when plans  to build this house and move back to Delaware from Maryland plans were to make a couple quilts, wall hangings and do stitchery for a warm and welcoming home.  

Then it developed into doing craft shows to sell my dolls and make money to buy more fabric to make more dolls.  You get my drift.

This weekend I'll be visiting my crafty, younger, hooker, rug camp girlfriend and we will be on our way to Ligonier for a class with Barb. Here is what I'm passing onto my friend Deb and she can share with our other friends.
In the photo above you can see maybe 4 shopping bags filled with colorful cotton and a box which has papers in it for covering band boxes.  Cottons in the background plastic haven't been purged yet.
Above you see the collection of an antique lover and dreamer.  Those were various started quilt pieces purchased from thrift shops.  My grandiose thoughts were to finish the dear womans' quilt for her and put it to good use.  There are two different styles of crazy quilts (one colorful one dark), and the other quilt designs you see started.

Obviously since these have not been finished by me they need to be passed on to my young friend and her friends.

I've gone in cycles with my craft passions.  There was a time when I couldn't get the knitting needles out of my hands.  Then it was stitchery and quilting.  No longer interested.

My passion now is rug hooking.  So think it is time to release the other fibers in which I no longer have an interest.

Oh, this is really crazy.  But another piece of stash from my attic which was released today was this.
I thought that my son and wonderful DIL would have a dozen kids and purchased all these pot holder kits.  Heck, besides one of them was vintage, lol.  So today with permission from the mom, these were given to my neighbor who has two young girls.

Although try as I may to rid myself of this clutter there seems to be no end.  So you are thinking..."why didn't she get rid of that crap before now?"  Would you believe that until now I truly believed I'd finish the quilts, make more dolls.  Nope.  

At least I'm now on the right track.


  1. doesn't it feel great to let go of stuff...

  2. you will be so organized you will not know what to do

  3. Good for you! It's hard to do. I really need to purge some stuff. I still haven't sorted all the stuff I moved upstairs during the floor renovations.

  4. If only I'd follow your lead...sigh. I have enough stuff for at least 3 lifetimes, but I just can't part with much yet. I'm definitely my mother's daughter, but she bordered on hoarder and like you, I'm a collector...lol.
    Hugs :)

  5. I know I need to de-stash but every time I look at something I think about how I could use it, lol. I have to simply too, too much to try and do it all.


  6. You have had your hands in a lot of different fiber arts ! I am sure that has made you who you are today ! A REALLY great rug hooker with a passion for color and texture !
    Glad you can pass along these items for someone else to treasure and grow.

  7. I'm in the thick of it here as well! It goes on and on, this purging! Good luck!

  8. Hi Saundra,
    Seems like I cycle between "letting go" and "collecting" but I think the latter is winning!!! lol
    It does feel good when you can get rid of those things that no longer matter to you though......one piece at a time!!!
    Happy destashing, my friend~

  9. LOL. I think all of us that do hand work run the circle of different crafts. Maybe we get bored and move on or maybe we decide we just don't have room for another quilt, or another rug etc. either way we end up with a lot of "stuff".


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