Friday, September 30, 2016

Rain, Rain, Go Away.....

I feel as tho the rug on my frame should be this one.  Actually I've admired this design and isn't in my stash yet.  
Just about a month ago there was a similar weather scenerio here with lots of rain and me in the middle of a moat.  Well it has been raining for the last 3 days off an on and sometimes heavy non-stop downpours. The local weather channel said Seaford received over 10" of rain yesterday and thru the night.

Early this morning I took photos out back but the photos turned out too dark so not useable.  But the photo and video of the entrance of the development did turn out in better daylight.  

For this still photo below I'm standing at the mailbox house on the 'drive IN' side of the development.  Looking across the road there is a home which has a stream surrounding the house so the water is flowing down the road and across the other side of the road into that neighbor's stream.
I'm sure when he purchased the land he and his wife thought 'what a lovely serene place we have to build a home'.   But a lot of his trees have given way from storms and across the road obstructing traffic and causing unsuspected danger in the dark.  Not his fault, just the problems with nature.
I've never taken or posted a video before so not sure how this is going to turn out.  Obviously there's no chance of me becoming a movie director or film artist.  But I'm okay with a hook in my hand.

So let's see if my neighbor's video will copy okay for me since mine doesn't seem to work for me.

Hope you are all safe and dry.



  1. Oh dear. That's a lot of water!!!
    Hugs from Moab, Utah :)

  2. You have certainly had water issues this year. We have had rain the last few days too but we have been in a drought situation all summer so this is a good thing here. Hope your home stays dry.


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