Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Look at Magdalena's Goat

Here is what it looks like now.  But who knows how many more tweaks will occur before it is completed.  
Below is what it looked like Tuesday.  Yeah, I know not a whole look of hooking going on eh?  Have been guilty of reverse hooking.  One area reversed was the second front leg.  In the picture below noticed the direction of the light and dark wool leading toward the leg was wrong compared to the original.  So before continuing I needed to correct that.
My colors aren't exactly like Magdalena used as she and I have different textile colors at our disposal.  As to the horns... I tried to define the horns of the goat because Magdalena had limited textiles.  Therefore the background was too close in value as was used in the horns.  Had she more options MAYBE Magdalena would have hooked the horns differently.

For those of you just visiting, here is the original Magdalena Goat which is relatively newly discovered.  The original and the pattern I will offer once mine is hooked, measures 29 x 35.
Unfortunately I don't have any army blanket green wool.  BUT.... just ordered some from Rebecca Erb so maybe, just maybe the legs will all be reverse hooked and use the army green wool instead.  OMG, it will be summer before this is finished at this rate.  Oh well, am still enjoying the process.

Have a great evening.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    You have gotten a lot done, in my humble opinion!! I LOVE how you hooked the horns and love those red circles and lines I see!!! So happy you were able to get some army green, but I like the tan, brown, taupe color or yours!! Looking so awesome and I know you are having a great time hooking this beauty!!! Thanks for sharing your progress!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. You do have a lot done and as always I think it looks wonderful

  3. Its coming along great,,, I start too many things at once,, a bigger mat, then 2 or more smaller projects, csnt resist,,,
    Yours looks great!!

  4. Looking good. And it's not a race. Enjoy the process!!

  5. He's wonderful!!! I hope you will make him a pattern asap. I'd love to give a Magdalena pattern a go and he is my favorite!

  6. Looks great Saundra! I love watching your progress.

  7. Summer my butt!!! You will be done in a couple weeks, I'm sure!
    Happy St. Pat's Day.

  8. Your rug is looking great Saundra!!


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