Monday, March 6, 2017

Meet Tammy

Tammy's inspiration began when attending antique/primitive shows and seeing beautiful rugs and other primitive creations

She took a rug hooking class in Dresden Ohio just a few years ago,  so was around 44-45 years of age.  Beyond that one class Tammy was on her own and teaching herself.  She mentioned she did find some information on U-tube!   So for about 3 years she worked on her own until about 3 months ago when she found a hooking buddy.

Some patterns just get her attention.  She had not created her own designs but is working on a rug design for her daughter in law at the moment.  Tammy loves dark and warm tones.

Seems Tammy has not had any issues during her rug hooking journey.  And admits she has seen some new things she wants to try on the Out of Hand Rug Hookers group.

The living room watching (listening) to the TV is where her hooking spot is.

Her first project was in a class and was by Perennial Blessings but I didn't receive a photo of that one.  So Tammy, I can add that photo to the blog at any time.

So perhaps the Pumpkin was her second project which, Tammy said she made into a pillow.
The Sheep design is by Old Orchard Primitives; she says it is the largest she has hooked, but am not sure of the size.  Hey Tammy, I really like that design myself.

Seems as tho this relatively new hooker is finding this a natural process so must be in her DNA.  Thanks Tammy for participating, and when you read this and would like to send that other photo to me I'll be happy to add it.

                       PS.  Blogger is NOT playing nice.  I've tried 5 times to make the background color uniform and it will not change.


  1. Some days don't you wish you could just b**** slap blogger? I know I would.
    I'd say Tammy is off to a great start.
    Hugs :)

  2. Nice to see tammys work,,, and hear the story,,,,, great mats, thanks,,,

  3. Tammy is a sweetheart one of these days we plan on meeting up! As for now we chat thru fb and I still wish I knew who the pattern was by because I would love vet to have!

  4. Oh my I'm blonde just seen the maker ! Lol

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Great interview with Tammy!! You are becoming quite the host and doing a GREAT JOB!! Thank you for taking the time to share her story!! She has hooked some nice pieces and is off to a great start!!
    Enjoy your week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. your series of interviews is a nice time for me to just rest a bit, and learn what others have to say about rug hooking ~ how very different, yet similar we all are! Thanks Tammy! and Thanks Saundra!


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