Friday, March 10, 2017

Here's a Robin....

...not a bird, but a female person.  Robin Nourgat's inspiration came from her love of primitives and after seeing the beautiful rugs her elder sister had hooked.  Her sister showed her the basics of rug hooking about 27 years ago.  After that first and only lesson she was on her own to learn by herself.  That was a few years before internet so she says many of her first rugs were very primitive looking.

As Robin grew up on a dairy farm animals and nature have always been part of her life.  So any design with animals, nature and primitive is a must for her. 

The first rug Robin hooked she gave to her mother and since her mother's passing has not seen it.  
The Crow and Pumpkin is a Lori Brechlin design Robin hooked.  But the last few years she has designed her own patterns adding bits & pieces from her life. 
Above is a cat on a dummy board designed and hooked by Robin.
Wish Upon A Star is another design by Robin, as is Summer Dream below.
Robin's  likes muted soft primitive colors and loves dyeing her own wool.  She usually over dyes repurposed wool she finds to make it have a primitive look.

The biggest hurdle when she started hooking was finding foundation material or even kits.  She couldn't  afford to go to any hook-in’s or retreats; plus there weren’t shops which carried rug hooking supplies. It’s much easier now with internet to order what is needed.

And the internet is a great way to see everyone’s rug photos, people sharing about their trips to rug camps and hook-in’s.  Everyone looks so happy and having fun.  

Robin loves hooking outside when the weather permits, if she can’t get outside she has a chair in front of windows so she can watch nature and listen to classical music.  She admits sometimes she also hooks when watching television.

You can see other designs by Robin at Black Crow Cottage.

Happy Friday everyone.  Thanks Robin for joining in the fun.



  1. Nice to know that Robin's sister showed her how to hook....happy she stuck with it ­čĄô

  2. These are fun. I need to catch up on a few back posts. I'm behind as usual

  3. Great story and mats from robin!! Love all these stories!! Do much fun to read how everyone got started,,,, take care,,,,,,
    Freezing here,,, yikes,, winter is BACK,!

  4. Thanks for sharing Robin! I enjoyed seeing your rugs!

  5. Great hooking Robin.
    Thanks so much for sharing :)

  6. Thank you ladies!
    Saundra it was fun telling you a bit of my journey with hooking rugs & reading others stories too.
    I just love looking at all the rugs especially the antique ones you post.
    Have a wonderful day & keep hooking.


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