Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Magdalena's Goat Update

This blog post was planned for yesterday but didn't happen.  So before showing my progress let me yell and scream to get that chip off my shoulder...... 

Was having an issue with my Microsoft software for Office 2013 and Outlook 2013.  In the morning I was able to get my email thru Outlook just fine.  But when going back in the afternoon to check the mail and do the blog post there was a pop-up box saying, "your OS does not support this product".  WHAT?  It was supported in the morning?

My guess was that during that period off line Microsoft must have had an update which screwed up the system.

I tried numerous things...found that both software was listed in the Control Panel so tried to repair them.  Nope, still didn't work.  Then found the product key and after much searching on the web located where I could type the numbers in to refresh my purchased software. Nope, still no email nor did I have Microsoft Word.  To say I was angry is an understatement.

Of course I've a wonderful iPad so could have read and written emails from that.  BUT, as I'm designing a rug for someone had scanned my sketches and wanted to attach them to the email which I couldn't do with my iPad.  Had to go to the Comcast web page and use that as a last resort.  

Couldn't sleep well last night due to over thinking what I'd do today to get it fixed and anticipated a several hour telephone call to Microsoft as they work me thru fixing it.  But when I turned on my computer this morning...guess what?  Yup miraculously I've Outlook email.

Sorry to bore you and bet most of you just scrolled down to look at the photo...be honest now, 😊  But at least I feel better having screamed and stomped my feet.
Have errands to do today in a neighboring town but can't wait to get back home and work on my rug some more.  Already have a new rug lined up to hook.  But before starting it will pull a few loops on my grandson's rug.

Hope you have a great day and no computer issues.



  1. technical difficulties are never fun. glad it worked out for you! LOVE that rug!

  2. Hi Saundra,
    I actually did read the whole post and can certainly empathize with you on technical issues!!! My brain was NOT MADE for those and more power to those who can figure all that stuff out!!! Glad it worked out for you!!
    Your rug is WONDERFUL and I know you are so anxious to get it done, but thanks for sharing your progress so we can enjoy it with you!!
    Have a great week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

  3. I read it all, too. You are more tech savvy than I, but I know your frustration. So happy it auto-corrected and hopefully you will sleep well tonight!!!
    Lovin' your goat rug. I'm impressed that you already have your next rug planned. With three rugs in progress, I'd better not plan a fourth.
    Happy hooking :)

  4. O.K....I know what an iPad is. That's about all I "got" when reading through your tech mess. Happy it fixed itself! I adore this rug, and you are doing a wonderful job with it!

  5. Wow! Thats frustrating, ,, love my ipad, but dont use the computer, at all, ,
    Glad it fixed itself!
    Your mat wonderful,,, really coming,,,
    Tame care,,

  6. oh this rug is a dream Saundra! you are the master of antique reproduction...

    technical difficulties is my middle name...at work we are getting more and more advanced equipment...as long as it works I'm fine...

  7. The goat rug is looking great!! Technology is a wonderful thing when it doesn't drive us older folks entirely nuts...LOL!!


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