Sunday, March 19, 2017

My Magdalena Rugs

As you regular readers know, In early January I discovered a new Magdalena rug which I've aptly named Magdalena's Goat.  

Immediately notified my friend Evelyn who has done the research and hooked all of Magdalena's rugs.  We contacted the auction house where the item was sold just to verify it was a Magdalena and Evelyn asked if she could please hook it first before sharing information on my blog.  Out of respect for that sweet woman I did just that and she hooked and bound the 29 x 35 design in less than a month.  Wow, what a hooking machine she is.

Above is the original and will share Evelyn's rug after mine is all hooked.
The first Magdalena rug I hooked was in 2009 when I decided to tackle Domestic Zoo, the runner.  Since Barb Carroll didn't offer the design (she had Bills Buddies instead) Evelyn suggested I offer it and have sold dozens of the patterns since then.
In 2010 I hooked two Magdalena rugs, Dog and Crows above and McCue Eagle below.  
Since I switch out my rugs the McCue Eagle is at my front door at the moment.  It is nice to enjoy the designs of Magdalena and my efforts.
The following year, 2011 decided to hook a small version of Magdalena's Dog.  This is used to decorate my sofa table or harvest table when I want something different to display but not for the floor.

Then there was a Magdalena dry spell until 2014 when I went bonkers hooking Magdalena designs.
Above is Lollipop Bouquet which was a LOT of fun.  Frankly I was dreading all those circles and seems to me there were 66 of them (going to memory) because I counted every dang one of them wondered what the hell I was thinking.  It was a fun fun rug to hook.
Next hooked was Magdalena's Folk Art Horse;
Then Magdalena's Farm;

And Old Ducks above;  
And Harvey's Magdalena was hooked 2015, above.  So guess it was about time for me to hook another one of Magdalena Briner Eby's rugs.  There are a couple other designs of hers I'd like to hook one day and should make that an annual event for me.
If you would like to read about Magdalena and the research done by my friend Evelyn, you can purchase the booklet HERE.

Should you want either Domestic Zoo or Magdalena's Goat pattern drawn on Dorr natural primitive linen please contact me HERE and I'll give you what information you wish.

Have a great Sunday.



  1. I really admire her style. Yet I've never attempted one. Seems overwhelming to me

  2. You really have mastered Magdalena's style. All the rugs are wonderful.
    Happy Sunday :)

  3. what a joy her rugs are...your too!

  4. You should have a one woman show of these rugs so more people can appreciate your talent and learn about hooking. Maybe a library or school? You should be recognized..

  5. Hi Saundra,
    You have such a wonderful collection of Magdalena rugs and each one is gorgeous and so beautifully hooked!! One day I would love to hook one of these rugs and know who to ask for great advice!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent, my friend!
    Heart Hugs to you~

  6. I do love her style and love seeing the rugs that you made with her designs.


  7. All of them are wonderful, and very appealing.

  8. Love, love all these,, saundra!! You have done alot,,, I did one like the lollipop bouquet, that was in rug hooking magazine , as a free design, cant remember what issue, but will try and look for it,, and sold that mat!! It was so much fun,, love her style,, thanks for sharing so many!!


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