Tuesday, March 21, 2017

That Rug on my Frame

It's finally time to show an update of the Magdalena Goat.  Wanted to keep on hooking tonight but at least the whole goat is hooked....for now.  The wool from The Wool Studio (army green) is on it's way so not sure if I'll change the back legs or not.  Will have to wait and see.
Just checked thru my blog posts to learn I didn't start my Magdalena Goat until February 15th and it is now March 21st.  OMG, my friend Evelyn started hers and had it hooked and bound in less than a month. Obviously I'm quite the slacker.

Today I had an inquiry about the availability of a doll which shows up on my web site.  As I'm no longer doing shows wasn't sure what was available so sorted thru my plastic containers.  Sure enough it was still there.  

In FULL DISCLOSURE.... I'm unable to update my web site to show 'sold' or delete items nor can I change prices.  Reason is that when I built the web site using a certain software it was good for a few years.  THEN, my web server no longer offered service for that product.

That meant that I either buy another software and learn how it works, make intricate changes inside the pages of the web site or drop the service.  I chose the ladder.  That said, I did keep my domain name and pay for that but am no longer able to make changes to my web site.

Which gave me a thought.  While sorting thru my forgotten 'doll treasures' saw some that warmed my heart and just might decide to keep and change thru the seasons like I do my rugs.  

However, tomorrow I'll post some of my primitive dolls on my blog which will be up for adoption.  I have  some wonderful primitive black dolls, some 'arty' style dolls and some Americana.  I'll save the Americana dolls as we get closer to the end of May.

Here are two teasers for now; below is Cecelia, a Nettie LaCroix design holding a pin keep with wool roving for hair.
And below is Ophelia, my design, who has her life savings in her vintage coin purse.
It was such fun to look thru the dolls I'd made and remember as how they became alive to me in the moment.

Have a great evening everyone.  Today was a wonderful spring-like day and tomorrow will be fall/winter again with a hard freeze at night. WTF is going to happen to all our buds and flowers????



  1. Ophelia is a hoot!
    If there's one word I would use to describe you, it would NOT be slacker.
    Happy spring :)

  2. Ok if I was describe you slacker would not be even come to mind in a thousand years! Love your dolls

  3. I think you are far from a slacker;)
    Love the dolls, I want to make some now, been awhile and my short term means I have to relearn some things, but i like the idea of making them as gifts for next Christmas.


  4. Your Magdalena goat is wonderful and full of texture.
    It will be nice and warm on Saturday !!!

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Slacker???? NOPE!!!!! Inspiration??? YEP!!!
    Love how your rug is looking!! Those legs are just wonderful and I love all the colors you are using!!!
    I am also a doll lover and yours are so sweet!! I have some favorites I made that keep me company!! They never argue or say negative things and are just happy to spend time with me!!!
    Hope you enjoy your week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~


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