Monday, March 13, 2017

Sorry, but it's Just Me

Who or what could follow such warm sharing from our rug hooker friends on their journey.  What I found interesting is that only one person had a family member who hooked to show her the basics of rug hooking.  The rest of us learned on our own.  Would also like to thank all of the volunteers who shared their story and their photos.

Also noticed no males participated even tho there are male followers on my blog.  Geez, you guys didn't share.  Would love to hear from you and certainly shouldn't be embarrassed because there are great male hookers out there and I can name three male teachers.

SO, if anyone else would like to volunteer I always welcome each of you to share your journey.  This also helps wanna be rug hookers get out of the closet.  

Okay, now I'm in a corner and must show my Magdalena Goat progress (or lack of).   
Above is what my Magdalena looks like now.  As a reminder the pattern measures 29 x 35.  I'm guilty again of pulling loops and re-hooking, then pulling those out and using yet another color.  I've been told previously that I over think things.

When starting the rug the goat was my task and worked on the head. My mistake was to not finish the whole goat FIRST.  Silly me wanted to work the left hand top corner and work my way to the right side and then go back to the goat.  

Well hell, I'd lost my rhythm (mojo) by then.  Another lesson learned.  

Getting ready to snuggle down and get ready for the weather missed when it was winter.  Tonight will be a wintery mix of snow, rain, and to add salt to the injury.... a nor'easter and flood warnings for my area. 

Yeah, compared to other areas I'll be lucky.

Happy Monday.



  1. Hi, Saundra, loved reading Lauren's story. She is such a sweetie, and lives within a couple of hours of me:) Although I haven't hooked much since I started designing reproduction samplers, I would be happy to share my story with you, if you are interested (it isn't very exciting). I just need to get my poor rugs repaired *again" my naughty doggie.

  2. Happy to see that beautiful goat again! It is so interesting to see how your progress is coming along 🤓❤

  3. My grandmother was a mcgown style hooker, but I never got into it until later in life and self taught. Love how the rug looks, the muted colors of the goat against the background is wonderful.


  4. I always love your hooking and the colors are wonderful. You can not lose your mojo! I come here to get some inspiration for sure.

  5. Enjoyed the posts!
    The goat is coming along nicely!
    Stay safe and warm.
    We will be getting rain / snow and frigid temps.
    Starting late tonight into Tuesday night.
    Hoping to cook up a pot of soup tomorrow.
    Warming back up at weeks end though.

  6. Was wondering about your goat & how he was coming along! Maybe you will get lots of hooking done today while the storm howls outside! He's looking great!

  7. Wow,,,,, your mat looki g great,,,, great progress,,,, reading about other hookers was fun,,,, stay safe,,, think we are far enough away from great lakes to not get much snow!! Usually we get it! Take care,,,

  8. Loved reading all the wonderful stories you have showcased here on your blog. What a great idea !
    My best to you !

  9. Hi Saundra,
    I just love your goat rug and think it looks wonderful! So sorry you will be dealing with this storm, but hope you can gets lots of hooking time in while you are safe and dry inside!!
    Take care my friend!!!
    Big Heart Hugs and Happy Hooking~

  10. The snow pretty much missed us but the wind is howling. I am heading to the "snow belt" this afternoon. Class starts tomorrow though I am only staying tonight. Just a real fiasco.
    Mr. Goat is LOOKIN' GOOD!
    Stay safe :)

  11. Love it. It's definitely a goat. You'll get your mojo back.


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