Thursday, March 23, 2017

Olde Rugs and Fresh Coffee

Am enjoying the first of many cups of coffee this morning and thought I'd peruse antique rug sites.
Two cats with doves and flowers with background hooked in a ripple effect.

Interesting, as I'm looking thru my collection of antique rug photos I come across a similar color scheme below.
That rug above is attributed to Magdalena and sold for $24,000 by 1stdibs.  In the booklet about Magdalena rugs the owner said she loved the rug so much she had it on her apartment wall for 20 years before deciding to sell it.
The rug above is a room size rug hooked with a Canadian and American theme.  The Garrison family of Greenwich CT used it at their Adirondack Camp.  It commemorates the year Canada entered WWI, the same year Garrison's son joined the war effort enlisting in the Canadian armed forces.
Above is a horse and cat with hit and miss border, circa 1930.

Coffee time is over as my boy Ben wants to go for his morning walk-about.



  1. Such wonderful rugs! Sure wish I had a $24k rug. That would send me to lots of rug camps!
    Hugs :)

  2. I love the last one with the border, but think the large horse and tiny cat throw it off to me.



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