Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Let's Drop By Cathy's for Coffee......

Another familiar name is Cathy Greschner of Orange Sink.  Cathy's journey began when she and her friend Irene were both selling antiques.  Irene was a rug hooker and Cathy fell in love with her rugs. Having just moved to Rice Lake Irene announced she was going to teach a beginning hooking class. Cathy took the class and had a couple years hooking together until Irene moved back to Minnesota ~ that was 2006.

On a humorous note, Cathy confided at the first class... she asked Irene, "how in the world is that big piece of wool going to fit through that tiny little hole?"  To which Irene chuckled and said, "it just does".  Cathy said that shows just how very little she understood the concept of rug hooking.
After learning the basics of hooking rugs Cathy knew she wanted to design her own.  Above was her first own designed rug.

Her choice of pattern design depends on a spot in the house and if she plans to keep the rug.  Her favorite colors are reds, golds, mustards, muted blue.  Lately she has been eyeing and appreciating the softer faded colors and neutrals.  She says it is rather tricky hooking with neutrals and feels she needs more practice to perfect that style.

Cathy has admired several rug hookers: Deanne Fitzpatrick, Lori Brechlin, Polly Minick, Barb Carroll, Karen Kahle and Maggie Bonanomi. She admits to have hooked about 4 designs of Maggie already.

When first hooking Cathy said the biggest hurdle was finding wool colors she wanted.  She purchased every piece of wool clothing in thrift stores within a hundred mile radius but they were all the same colors and textures.  That is when she decided to try her hand at dyeing wool. Cathy hopes to have a designated 'dye kitchen' in her future.
The rug above is called "Tree Birds" and is a rework or her original first design previously shown.  If you would like to purchase a "Tree Birds" pattern visit her shop on ETSY.

Cathy hooks in her studio most of the time listening to XM talk radio and will switch to music sometimes. But when she has a deadline will listen to old rock and roll from the 60s' and 70's as well as hard rock. Yup Cathy, that will get the adrenalin and hands moving quicker to meet a deadline. When doing wool applique' she will spend time with hubby and the dogs watching TV rather than in the studio.

Thanks, Cathy, for joining in on the fun of this 'getting to know us'.  It is a warm fuzzy feeling to realize that most of us have traveled the same road to this wooly goodness we love.



  1. I am really enjoying this. More please

  2. Cathy is a gem. When I was trying to learn to hook I sent Cathy an email, asking numerous questions. I was shocked when I received a lengthy email back packed full of vaulable information for me. She pointed me to Heavens to Betsy and Dorr Mill for my wool. I have hooked several of her patterns and they are so much fun to hook.

  3. How nice to read about Cathy and her journey ❤ I wish we all lived in one big community near each other, don't you?

  4. I love visiting Cathy's blog too . Her rugs and colors are so pretty .

  5. Saundra I am really enjoying these posts...thanks to everyone for sharing...am going to get my info to you soon(ish)

  6. Great story,,,, saundra and cathy!! Great mats,,,, enjoying learning about other rug hookers,,,, thanks for sharing, cathy and saundra,,,,,

  7. Fun to read about Cathy. I always admire her work.
    Hugs :)


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