Sunday, March 5, 2017

Let's Drop by Denise Scholfield's House

Denise says that Julie Thomas of the Old Tattered Flag had just opened a new shop and as soon as she saw samples knew she wanted to join in the fun.  In 2004 she learned to needle punch needle and the following year Julie suggested Denise try rug hooking.  

Denise had just turned 50 when she learned to hook after having been a quilter for 20 years.  January 2015 Denise had her first class with Julie's mom, Carol Decoteau, and knew after that first class she was hooked!!  
Denise continues......"The crow rug was my first rug.  I wasn't very good at first and my rugs were lumpy but I didn't care, just want to learn more.  I love the wool, the colors and love seeing it all come to life After quilting for so many years, it gave me a renewed sense of excitement.  After I hook a rug must run my hands over it and bask in the feel of the wool....lovely.  I was like a manic, hooking every chance I got, even hooking a few rows before work.

I like to hook whatever appeals to me.  I'm not set on any one design or design element but do tend to go for smaller rugs, wall hangings and table runners. My favorite design elements are sheep crows and hooking vines and backgrounds!   I also like to hang the rugs all over my house and have a couple special spots where I switch out as the seasons go by.  I have a hard time putting them on the floor and walking on them.  Sometimes I look for a pattern to use as a table runner. My favorite designs are from from the Old Tattered Flag. Julie's shop is local and only a hop, skip and jump away so I can just run over to her shop and get my fix there.

I tend to go for muted colors, grungy colors.....the primitive look.  Am still learning how to use color and what colors I like best. Right now I am intrigued by plaids and how different they look hooked into a rug so am trying to expand my wool stash.  Every rug hooked I learn something new or discover a new wool.
The Snow Angel was the first rug I did using my own colors and incorporating left over wooly noodles from other projects.
Prim Cats is a recent piece I hooked which was purchased from Betsy Reed.  I used wooly noodles to hook this rug also, which has become my favorite way to hook.
The primitive sheep was done in a Betsy Reed class where she taught hooking with torn strips.
Mr. Cool was an experiment.  I'd run out of a red so used every red in my wooly noodles.
The Rabbit Pete (or Skinny Pete as I call him) was my latest rug.

Julie Thomas and Carol Decoteau at the Old Tattered Flag have been a great influence.  I had no idea what rug hooking was until visiting their shop. I love Carol's sense of color and she is always willing to share techniques and help with colors.  

Another influence is Betsy Reed of Heavens to Betsy.  I took a class from Betsy at the "Gathering of Friends" that was put on by the Old Tattered Flag and it was awesome.  She shared so many techniques and I learned how to rip wool to hook in my rugs.  Have also been inspired by many other rug hookers and love seeing what techniques and colors are being used. 

Hooking with a frame was a challenge.  It was so out of my comfort zone that it took me months to figure out how to use it best.  As a former quilter, I was used to a sewing machine so sitting using a frame was a bit of a challenge.  It took me several hooks to find the right one as well but after a couple rugs I finally found my zone.

I spend a lot of time in my sewing room and have a table all set up for my frame to sit on, my basket of wooly noodles and my beverage.  I can hear the TV in the living room so I actually listen to movies or shows that my husband is watching while I rug hook.  My room is filled with all types of creative goodness.....quilts, rugs, punch needle, so I love just sitting in there and working on a project."

Well Denise, I say there's nothing better than being surrounded by the things you love.  Thanks so much for taking part and sharing your rug hooking journey with the rest of us.



  1. Wonderful reading about Denise and her love of rug hooking ❤

  2. Denise is a go-getter! I follow her on Facebook & im always inspired with her hooking & punching! Thanks for sharing Denise.

  3. Awesome!! Love how denise got started! I have been to julies once, and I can see how she got inspired!! Gosh, living that close,,,, dangerous!! Such yummy wools and patterns,,, great storys,,thanks saundra and denise,,,,, this is fun,,,,

  4. This was such a good idea Saundra! I will answer the questions at some point this week. what wonderful pieces she has done.


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