Monday, May 8, 2017

Getting Ready

Am finally starting to get ready for rug camp less than two weeks away. For several days it was questionable if I would be able to attend this year.  Many of you may know that my ex would come care for the dog (previously Shadow and now Ben).  But sadly he is very sick and cannot do it.  I'm very saddened for his illness for I never wished any ill harm come to him.  

Was uncertain at such late date I could find a kennel with an opening. Luckily I was to find one who would take on a Rottweiler as the first place refused to take a new client with a host of certain breeds.  Am sure I will worry about Ben at camp and hope he adjusts, if not that might be the end of my travel to rug camps.

The pattern I'm taking to Barb Carroll's is a Woolley Fox Design called "Gossip". Here is a photo of the rug my pal Deb started at Barb's camp a few years ago.
Deb halted hooking on the design because she wanted to tweak the swan, owl and another bird.  Deb liked the design so much she purchased the pattern twice.  She found the other when cleaning out her stash and I was the lucky recipient of the duplicate.

In anticipation of hooking this design got thinking about the motifs she has having a problem with and had an idea..... what about changing the turkey, owl and swan into birds also.  AH HA!  Good idea Saundra.
Today I started digging thru my wool to decide what candidates there are for a background and pulling small pieces of color for various birds.
And am wondering about some motifs on the rug ~  referring the the motif at the very bottom and those along the sides.  When thinking about the name and the design have two thoughts...  'birds of a feather flock together'  and are those motifs feathers? 

Would be interested in your thoughts.... feathers or leaves?

Must walk Ben as we will soon be on the way to the vet (AGAIN) but this time it is to get him vaccinated for kennel cough since he will be kenneled in 11 days.



  1. Saundra, I'm sorry about the ill health of your ex but I'm glad you could find a kennel that would take your Ben. No wonder you were stressed.

    I like the pattern with birds so much better. Since you have lots of feathers on the birds I would hook leaves, me think...
    Hugs, Julia

  2. wonderful change to all go beyond what you asked for...I don't like those 3 large motifs, I think they detract from the birds...I would hook the bottom like a crock or urn, extending the lower border...then hooking an interesting border along the sides...even something simple like bird prints...sheesh, can you imagine if you asked for my opinion???

    sorry about your ex, hope he is in a position to improve...glad you found a spot for Ben...

  3. That is a nice change, I actually have an old quilt similar to that, that I was thinking of making into a design. I think the new look is much nicer.


  4. Sorry for the health issues of your ex I wish him well. I hope the kennel thing works for your Ben he may enjoy the company of other dogs.
    I think feathers and love your changes.

  5. Love the new design and ur changes! Sorry about ur care giver for ben!,, glad u found somehere,,,, its a worry with pets! Get so attached to them,,, take care,,,

  6. Hi Saundra,
    I'm so sorry your ex is having health issues and do hope he is on the mend! Happy you found a place for Ben and hope you don't worry too much!! He will miss you but I'm sure he will be just fine!!
    This rug is really fun and I love your changes!! Those look like big feathers to me and it will be interesting to see what you decide to do!
    Hope you have a wonderful rug camp!!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. I am going with feathers.
    Hopefully Ben will do just fine.

  8. So sorry about the ex's health problems ��
    Ha! I am leaving for camp on Sunday and the only thing I have done is a list done a couple weeks ago. You are so much more organized than I am.
    I'm sure your boy Ben will be just fine.
    Hugs ❤️

  9. Definitely feathers! I like the idea of changing all of the critters to birds. Ben will probably be fine, but you will worry the whole crazy dog people!


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