Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Rug Show Time

It has been a while since having a rug show on my blog and figure it is about time for my readers to see something a little different than the same ol' same ol'.
Above is landscape with black folk and their critters, rug was hooked mid 20th century.
Above are two bunnies, butterfly and flora from Manchester, NH. No date given.
Love the blue cat above and that blotchy background makes my heart skip a beat.  No provenance at all was provided for this beauty.
I have always wanted to hook an antique rug with neutral colors and this just might be my target.  I love doves and am not longer afraid of scrolls.  Heck, those scrolls are easy peasy tho.

As previously mentioned on my blog, Barb Carroll took the fear of hooking scrolls from me when she mentored me with this rug.  Yeah, you regular readers have seen this one before but it is my love and hangs over the mantle of my fireplace.  (p.s. I offer this pattern for sale).
Speaking of scrolls, below is an antique rug which was recorded as "American School of of Folk Art Floral" and from an estate of Woodbury, CT.
Below is a close up.
Enjoy your evening everyone.  I know Jo Wick and her group are enjoying themselves their second day of camp with the magnificent Barb Carroll.  If you would like to take a class with her you can reach here HERE.



  1. Great rugs and I love the bunnies. I realized I had a bunny rug that I never made into a pillow, forgot all about it, lol.


  2. Thanks saundra,,, always love to see ur rug show,,,, love the cat one too,,, and the bunnys,,, they are all wonderful!
    Have a great day,,,, going to be summer here today!! Up to 80! Yikes,,, better not complain,,,,

  3. Oh that third one is lovely and very artistic. I love it.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. great rugs Saundra...I see me hooking the bunny one...with cats and a bird instead of bunnies and butterfly...the background on the blue cat is phenomenal!

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Love the rug show....as always!! The bunnies and kitty rug are my favorites, but the others are wonderful, and your sheep rug is another favorite that I never get tired of seeing!! One of these days (hopefully) I will be able to hook again!!
    Enjoy your week and give Ben a treat for me!!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. I loved these rugs, I looked at the first and thought that is my favorite, then did that with everyone that popped up.
    You have No Idea how much I enjoy seeing these rugs on your blog!
    Thanks for the smiles today!
    I love the one over your mantle.

  7. I always enjoy looking at old rugs to see the style & workmanship of them. Women have always been so creative! Thanks for sharing these....


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