Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rug Camp at Barb's

My friends have been very thoughtful by sending me photos and video messages during their time at Barb's.  On Monday just before lunch I sent a group email to all my gal pals with this message: "okay gals, the lunch menu is being passed around so be sure to put me down for a grilled turkey Ruben sandwich and Italian Wedding soup." I thought they'd get a chuckle.   
So yesterday my pal Deb sent me an email with this photo and subject: "Your Lunch" and message: "Grilled Turkey Ruben and wine & Cheese Soup.  To which I replied "I'll save half the sandwich for dinner and will have two more bowls of wine and cheese soup thank you".

Shari took a video with a message to me from the gals which made me smile.  And what made me chuckle was Joanne's comment.
Good grief but Joanne always hooks such humongous rugs and this will be another beauty for sure.

Below is what my friend Shari is working on, it is a deer design she drew and will be a gift to an expectant mom who is having a boy.  
Am hoping to give you an update on what each rug looks like in my next post.  As today is the last day of their class believe individual photos will be taken...I hope, I hope.  

Mary and Deb are having fun with me too.  This pocket was placed on the chair which would have been mine and is a substitute 'mini me'.  If I'm not mistaken, the pouch (pocket) was made by Deb and of course all of us had to have one.  
Here is the one I own which was purchased from Deb.  She made them out of vintage cutter quilt tops, made the head, arms and feet then attached them to the pocket.  Deb made those when the Crooked Tree Hollow Doll Club was on full throttle.
Have fun hooking gals....miss ya.

Note to Char Rube... if you are reading this blog post I am unable to respond to your message as you are a NO-REPLY blogger.  I am selling the Magdalena Goat pattern and you will need to contact me personally so that we can communicate.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    How special of them to include you!! That sandwich looks so yummy and made me want one!!! Hope you are enjoying your hooking time and have made lots of progress!! So nice to be loved and missed! I loved the gal who said she missed your clothes!!! So cute!!
    Have a great week and give Ben an extra treat from me!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. Such sweet friends!!! I'm sure they miss you, too.
    Hugs :)

  3. Love how your friends at Rug Camp are keeping you updated ! LOL !!! Ben sure is happy to have you Home Sweet Home ...until next year's event !

  4. No wonder you wanted to go to this hooking retreat so badly. Your hooking pals are real sweethearts to be thinking of you in a special way.


  5. Yummy food!
    Loved the pockets!
    How cute!
    Wonderful rugs!

  6. You just me regret more and more I will never attend a class with Barb. Your friends are wonderful but why are they missing your clothes? Inquiring (nosy) people want to know.

  7. I love that little doll quilt, and so fun that she put it in your chair.


  8. So sorry you had to miss going to Barb's. The things we do for our furry children!


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