Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Olde Hearts and Life as I Know It

A step forward and two backward ~ that seems to be the way it's going on Olde Hearts.  
On the left bottom corner I hooked a little and pulled it out.  It bothered me so much didn't feel it worthy of posting a photo.  

The bottom right corner was reverse hooked, the change is above.  Uh, not sure I like that either. So drew lines on left bottom and might try the 'angle' hooking instead of trying to square the corners. BUT.... squared corners 'anchor' the rug.  What to do what to do....maybe it will come in my sleep tonight.  Gawd, it would be great to have a night where that is my only worry.  Hope I can manage to sleep all thru the night for a change.

On another front..... late last evening the one kennel finally responded about housing a Rottweiler.  This morning Ben and I took a ride to visit the owner and ladies who tend the kennel.  Ben passed the test, and Ben's momma was pleased with what she saw so he will be staying there. Tomorrow I'll explain more but Ben and I are exhausted.  

Don't feel any closer to being ready to attend camp than I was the other day.  There's always tomorrow and the 'time management' class Lauren and I will attend.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    I'm sorry for your quandary about the corners!! I know that it will come to you and will be "just right" as it always is!! Hoping you don't lose any sleep over it!!
    Happy you got things all set for Ben!! That will be one less thing to worry about!! Glad you got to see it and that he passed the test, AND that THEY passed the test!!
    So sorry about your ex and those meds!!! I really do hope it helps him!
    Take care and know it will all get done!!
    Big Heart Hugs~

  2. Another option for Ben. So happy for both of you :)
    Prayers for your ex. So scary.
    If we were in class together, we'd probably get kicked!

  3. I know it can be frustrating when something just doesn't look right to us and that is what counts. Sometimes I find, letting it go a few days and then rethinking it, helps to get a better perspective. Glad you found a place you can trust. I am not sure if I could put Bean in a regular Kennel, he is such a baby and never been left.


  4. glad you found a good place for Ben. I like the angled corner beaks it up a bit. Good thoughts to your Ex.

  5. Ok now let your mind rest and focus on the fun you are going to have at camp. Whee...

  6. loving this border...good news for you and Ben...

  7. Amazing outstanding and just your evolving talent is really interesting to watch. I have missed alot of talent these last months, hugs cheri

  8. Oh, I can see you and Lauren in the same class. I bet it would be pretty wild.
    I'm glad you feel good about the kennel for Ben. Take care and have fun.


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