Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Last Loop Pulled

Pulled the last loop and steamed the Olde Hearts rug.  Now it is awaiting its turn to be bound.
The photo is taken with a flash since it is rainy and gloomy (AGAIN and for week two).  As a lot of us usually say...it isn't as light and bright as the picture shows.

First in line for binding is the whipped edge of Magdalena's Goat and I'm about halfway done.  Since I cannot stand to be sequestered for the duration of constant whipping only work on it a little at a time.

I've lost a follower ~ although I shouldn't, I always take it to heart when someone chooses to leave me.  Gee, lol, wonder why that is? Could it be that I liken it to a real relationship, as in a marriage rather than a cyber connection?  Oh well, there's more follower's in the sea, as the saying goes.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, hope you are dry and having fun pulling loops.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    As I've told you numerous times, I LOVE this rug!!! I get frustrated when the camera does that, but have the correct colors in my mind!!!
    Sorry you lost a follower and know that can feel hurtful, but just try to think of ALL your other followers who look forward to each post!!
    Sending SUNSHINE HUGS from AZ~

  2. Love the rug. Have you decided how you will finish it? Any tips on how to do a crochet edging?

  3. Another finish that I adore!
    I've been binding my scrappy crosses rug all week but can't work on it for too long. I wish that damn binding fairy knew where we lived!
    I lose a follower and then gain one. But suddenly, I can once again no longer see how many followers I have. WTH??? I didn't do anything and it just disappeared again.
    Hugs :)

  4. Your rug looks great and I knew that you'd do a great job with that troublesome corner.

    I rarely check how many followers I have since I've hardly posted this year. I always say, it's not the quantity of followers that counts, it's the quality. Those who support and encourage you to continue blogging.

    Hugs, Julia

  5. This rug is so awesome! I absolutely LOVE it! You have such a knack for making your rugs look aged - beautiful!

  6. I love how your rug came out, beautiful wool choices. I lose and gain all the time, I guess some people start following when they see things they like and then cut back on blogs, so I understand that, hard to follow them all.


  7. Love that rug, saundra!! Looks like an antique!! Enjoy ur posts very much!! Keep it up,,,,, would miss seeing it almost every morning in my emails!!!

  8. truly a wonderful rug Saundra...the border makes it! I rarely check my followers...what I really appreciate are those that comment...

  9. love it! and I agree wholeheartedly with Kelley's comment!

  10. Love this rug ! I am so tired of the dreary days , need some sunshine soon !


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