Sunday, May 28, 2017

Happy Memorial Day

Remembering those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice.
Memorial Day, Flag, Usa, America
Also want to thank  those men and women who have served in the past and those now serving to protect us and our country.  This includes the men in the blue uniform who run toward the gunfire and the firefighters who run into the flames.
Look to the far left at that young sailor...that was my step father when he was young and way before he met my mother.  His name was Edward C. Patterson (Pat), from Ohio.  Pat served on the Presidential staff during Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson.  Getting out of the helicopter for those who may not know, is President Eisenhower and Charles De Gaull. 
The photo of Pat above is how he looked when he  met my mom.  That is an old toy truck from his childhood, his dad's pocket watch, and two Presidential seals he wore when in uniform.

I was 27 when he and mother met and later married.  When I would go visit them Pat and I would sit up way into the a.m. and I listened to his stories of being stationed at Camp David.

He was an ornery boy, he would say, and bought himself a few bar stools in his time.  When off duty and leaving Camp David he was required to surrender all identification ~ not just him, but anyone assigned duty there.

Oh but I could tell you some interesting stories, and wish he were here so we could chat once again.  Love and miss you Pat.



  1. Some debts can never be repaid.

  2. You have some great mementos from your step dad. he was good looking too.
    Happy Memorial Day.

    Can you believe, I actually posted on my neglected blog last night. Miracles do happen. Have a great day.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. Hi Saundra,
    We certainly do have much to be grateful for as a nation! Loved hearing about your step-dad and I'm sure you hung on his every word!! What a lovely tribute to him!! My husband Jeff's dad was 42 when Jeff was born, and he love his dad's stories! He has all of his dad's medals and treasures them!!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

  4. Great post!
    I enjoyed your sharing.
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  5. Thanks saundra!! Happy memorial day to all,,,,,
    Good memories!!

  6. Great post Saundra! We have a lot to be thankful for indeed!
    Happy Memorial Day!

  7. Wonderful tales! Most people don't know deGaull had a daughter who was born with Down Syndrome.
    Enjoy your day...hope it includes some hooking.

  8. Sweet memories. We have so much to be thankful for!!!
    God Bless America :)


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