Thursday, May 18, 2017

Olde Hearts Corners

Just love this pattern Olde Hearts (by Woolley Fox) but had issues hooking the corners trying different approaches and nothing seemed to please me.  
Above is what the rug looks like now and am 'okay' with it for now but you know me..... might end up replacing a strip or two eventually.  In all honesty I'd probably never notice once the rug was on the floor, it is during the hooking process when the rug is just under my nose when it's an issue

Below is one way I tried the corner but didn't like it.
I have started whipping the edge of Magdalena's Goat also but since binding isn't my favorite part of the hooking process it will take a while for me to finish that.

Another day of 95 degree weather, whew, from heat to A/C.



  1. I started hooking this rug many years ago at a workshop with Anne Boissinot. Did not finish it, it is one of those unfinished projects. I take it out an look at it, then put it back. It may or may not ever get finished!
    Love your and your color plan, maybe if mine looked like that I would want to finish it!

  2. I love your mat!! Border looks great!!
    Was hot here yesterday,,, very humid, but windy,,, we dont have ac,,, cool here this am,,, back to rain,,, yikes,,,, everything green for sure,,, have a good weekend,,,,

  3. I like the corners you have now. Always such great hooking.
    we went from high forties and rain to 91 I almost died yesterday from the heat we do not have air conditioning at the house so yeck.

  4. this is looking just right to the plain corners...I had to put the AC on too, heat and I are not friends...

  5. Hi Saundra,
    I really love what you are doing with the border! I just really LOVE this rug!!! I'm sure you will continue to do a few changes here and there, but know that is how you "roll" with your hooking!!
    We have been blessed with some really lovely weather here in AZ, but it will be triple digits during the next week! The AC will become my best friend!!
    Try to stay cool and happy hooking!
    Heart Hugs~


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