Monday, May 22, 2017

The Symbolic Empty Seat

Today was the first day of rug camp with rug hooking icon Barb Carroll. Normally I'd be telling you about how she color planned my rug and all the fun I was having there with my gal pals and Barb.  

If you read my previous blog you know I'm not there to share the experience.  My friend and roomie Deb took a couple photos for me and this one, tho she didn't say, I know was symbolic of MY EMPTY SEAT. Thank you Deb!!!!
Deb also took a couple photos of beautiful Barb. My hopes were to have been in a photo WITH Barb this year, but my considerate pal Deb sent me these knowing I'd enjoy seeing Barb with or without me.
Here Barb is color planning some one's rug.  I wrote Deb asking whose rug it was but looking at the tote it just might have been Deb's rug. Now I want to know what the pattern is.    
I'm hoping to get  more photos from friends there and IF I get them will be sure to share.

As previously mentioned I DID start the Gossip rug and will post a picture tomorrow even tho there isn't a lot hooked yet.  

The luxury of going to a rug camp is that you get to hook all day and night if you wish, don't have to cook dinner, clean up or other adult responsibilities.  Instead I'm cooking, fixing meals for me and Ben plus walking my boy three times a day even tho is has been a horribly rainy day here.  Finding a non-rainy period was tough but we managed.

Back to working on my Gossip rug.



  1. Maybe you can go next year.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Thinking of you. At least Ben is there to give you some lovin'.

  3. I am sorry that things didn't work out and I understand how you feel, I have never left Bean and would only do it, if i trusted someone thoroughly. It is nice that your friend shared photos with you.


  4. Thinking of u saundra! So sorry u did not go,,, but know exactly how u feel,,,, happy hooking,,,, its rainy here too,,,,

  5. Oh I want to know what the pattern is too...the birds! what a perfect pic of Barb, she never seems to age...hope you're enjoying you're hooking at home with need to pretend you're at no chores!

  6. So glad they are sharing pictures with you! We face timed a friend one evening we were there so she could feel like she was in our hooking world! You need to make yourself a "Fat Daddy's" salad or Wedding Soup at lunch time, that will help! Just hook all day & night, & pretend you are at "Hooker's Heaven"!

  7. Oh that made me so sad:( I hope you are hooking away and enjoying your sweet dog.

  8. I'm so sorry you couldn't attend the camp, Saundra. I know it must have been a disappointment as I know how much you enjoy it. Great pictures from your friend! I'll look forward to seeing more. And your Gossip rug! Lori

  9. Hi Saundra,
    I am so deeply sorry you could not be there in person, but know it warmed your heart to see that you are remembered and missed!! You've made Sweet Ben your number one priority and it shows your love for him in missing something you value so much!! I hope you can truly enjoy your hooking time and and know you are missed!!
    Sending you BIG HUGS, my friend~
    Julie xo


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