Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Off to the Vet We Go

Today was another follow-up vet visit for an ultra-sound of his spleen. Thank goodness no nodules or growth on the spleen of the 'low grade mast cell' which was removed from his belly some months ago.  And that is why the vigil on regular ultra sounds, as a mast cell could develop again anywhere ~ and better to find out early if something is growing internally.  

As soon as Ben heard the 'certain' fur saver chain move he ran to the garage and immediately jumped in the back.  He beat me to the van and was already with his butt on the back seat and all fours on the floor.  By the time I took the picture he had jumped up and was telling me 'lets go'.
Okay, some of you will think I'm crazy, for those of you who followed me for some time know my awareness of orbs showing up in my photos. I've put a black ring around all the orbs noticed and some thought were orbs but didn't put a circle. Frankly I think it is awesome but with all the orbs showing up in the van around Ben am wondering if they are departed pets/family of Ben or mine.  Okay.... on to the vet.

The ride to the vet wasn't as horrible as in the past, perhaps age is mellowing my boy.  They even said he didn't grumble (growl) even when they applied the muzzle.  

My other two rotties were never muzzled nor was Shadow.  But Ben was adopted by me so perhaps there was a history before my adoption and they want to be cautious.  Ben is a gentle lover dumplin'.  Uh, except he wants to kill moving vehicles.

If the visit today had been just for the ultra sound it would have been an inexpensive visit.  The exam re-check was only $37 and the Ultrasound only $50.  They even trimmed Ben's nails for free.  

BUT, it was Heartguard and K-9 Advantix purchase time so..... total of bill was $282.  Actually, that was a great deal because I got 2 free Advantix for buying 12 months worth and will get a rebate of $12 for buying 12 months of Heartguard.

Ben was starved when we finally got home as he is used to eating his breakfast around 7 a.m.  So he gobbled it down, drank a full bowl of water and plopped on the kitchen floor.
Notice the circled orb on the wall above.  

Today I reminded Ben that I am his social security check, his Medicare payment, house keeper, handler and one who loves him.  But don't think he needs reminding that he is loved.  And I love my boy.



  1. So happy to hear all is well with Ben. He is a beautiful boy and makes momma happy :)

  2. Hi Saundra,
    So happy your darling boy checked out fine at the vet!! Good for him AND for you!!! Our Springer Spaniel Shelby would always start shaking when we got close to the vet!! She just KNEW and HATED going!! They loved her and were so kind but that never made a difference!
    Hope you and Ben can now relax and enjoy your evening!
    Heart Hugs~

  3. What wonderful news! He's a sweetheart and you are a good Momma. Sir Paddington and I make a trip to the vet July 3rd and yes, it will be expensive too. They are our "children" and we do what it takes to take proper care of our loved ones.

  4. Glad it was a good visit for Ben it does look like there is lots guardians around him or you

  5. Glad all went well for him and you!

  6. love that plop on the kitchen floor...home safe and sound after a traumatic glad results were good! give him an extra hug from me...

  7. So glad!!! Good news is good!!! He is a sweetie,,,, take care,

  8. So glad that all is well! Our pups may cost us an arm and a leg, but they are so worth it! :) Love the pic of the exhausted Ben plopped on the floor! Pics of Ben always make my day!
    Blessings, Patti

  9. Great news on Ben's visit and his good behavior! Those orbs are they show up only on your digital camera photos?

  10. It's so nice to know Ben is still in good health and was of good behavior... That should put your mind at rest while you do some more hooking.
    Hugs, Julia

  11. Good news for Ben !!! Thank goodness !

  12. I am glad Ben is doing well. You are such a good dog owner. I just got back from the vet with Maulie. It was over 200 dollars. Maulie has allergies that are making her scratch like crazy.She seems to be better already. Hang in there.


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