Friday, May 26, 2017

More From My Friends

My gal pals came thru for me as they said they would so here are some pictures for you to enjoy.  In the evening there is a little libation of choice.  Someone is having a glass of vino in front of the fireplace.  Me thinks that is Deb and I'm not there.  One year at Cape May Deb purchased those wine glass cover-coolers for me, friend Char and herself.
Below is Joanne's rug and was so happy to receive a photo of it.  I understand it is an adaptation of a painting (or print) which either Joanne owns or Barb owns by a well-known artist.  Joanne doesn't hook any small mats and everything she does is beautiful.
Below is friend Mary at her frame bet she's making notes of her session with Barb.
Below is a bit hooked of Mary's rug, a design by Wool n Gardner.
Here is a bag Mary made from a design in a book by Rebecca Smith and using vintage ticking.
Friend Shari is hiding behind her rug.  This is a design by her for someone who is to have a baby boy any moment.
And again, friend Deb's design Gettys Birds a Woolley Fox design.
As for me and the Gossip rug?  Last evening it was set aside so that I can concentrate on finishing the border of Ole Hearts and finish wool whipping the edge of Magdalena's Goat rug.  But just had to start it when the other gals started their camp.

If anyone is interested in taking a class with the magnificent Barb Carroll, whether with your own group or to be a 'fill in' when someone has cancelled, please contact Barb Carroll.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. Always nice to see what everyone is working on,,, what fun mats!! Thanks for sharing,,,,,

  2. Wow , Joanne's rug will be gorgeous ! A big one !!! Everyone's work is so pretty . And what a special baby gift a lucky little boy will receive ! A special heirloom !

  3. how great your group keeps you in the loop! love the rugs


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