Saturday, May 20, 2017

Plans Change

The best laid plans of mice and the saying goes.   There were big plans for me this weekend and next week.  Today I was to travel to my friend Deb's house, spend the night then we were to head toward Ligonier, PA tomorrow morning.  

The person who tends Ben when I go to camps (my ex) is very sick and didn't know until maybe two weeks ago he couldn't do it.  At first I decided to leave Ben at a kennel but had complications there.  And frankly, it was just too stressful for me so dropped out of class.  This was a huge soul searching decision as I'm sure all of you know since I enjoy her camps and respect the knowledge Barb Carroll shares with her students.

My plans included binding the Magdalena Goat rug on the car ride to Ligonier.  It won't happen in the car so have decided to start it now.   
Oops, I see that the photo was cropped too closely on the right side but only just around the corner was whipped.  So you can see there is more left to whip on the rug ~ sure hope my math was right and there is enough yarn to finish.

The other plan was to hook the pattern Gossip in Barb's class.  While I'll miss my gal pals and Barb's expertise am still planning to hook Gossip.   Even tho we will be states apart from one another will start hooking the rug on Monday along with everyone else.

The gals have promised to keep me informed of happenings at camp, and I'll show you my progress on Gossip as well as things they share with me about camp.

Oh, on a side note, my boy Ben sniffed out this turtle which was on the side of my driveway getting ready to cross.  By the time we got back from a quick walk it was already well hidden in the periwinkle.  I understand turtles always return to the same property to lay their eggs each year.
Visions of a rug design called Turtle Crossing is running thru my head, lol.
Happy Saturday.



  1. I love that turtle picture. I'm glad she went and hid in the greenery.
    Sometimes the best plans goes belly up. Who knows, maybe there's a blessing in disguise in you having to stay home with Ben instead of being on the road. You'll probably never know.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I am sorry to hear that your camp plans went a miss, but like Julia I believe things happen for a reason. Enjoy your long distance hooking with your friends.

  3. So sorry ur plans changed,,, these things do happen!! You will still enjoy ur mat hooking,,,,,
    We do getvattached to our pets,,,, I always say I dont have a pet, I have a cat! Ha ha,,,, thats cats!! But we always had dogs,, and hard to leave them,,,, I missed and worried about them,,,, happy hooking!!

  4. I know you will miss camp but Ben comes first...glad your friends will be able to keep you updated with the year my friends and I missed camp with Barb because all 3 of us thought it was the following weekend!!! even though we live close we couldn't head right down when she called to see where we were, 2 of us took the wrong time off work...

    Barb's basement is one of my favorite places on earth!

  5. Hi Saundra,
    I know how disappointed you must be, but that sweet boy Ben is so happy you decided to stay with him! So nice that your friends will keep you updated! Sending Big Hugs to you!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. I am sorry for your changed plans I am sure they will miss you as much as you miss them. very sorry your EX is so sick.
    Love your donkey rug wonderful as always.

  7. Saundra, I wouldn't expect anything less from you. I'm glad you took care of Ben first. Kennels can be a hard place for an animal.

  8. So sorry about you missing Barb's. I know it is one of your all time favorite things to do. I'm sure Ben is not complaining!
    I came across a turtle at Cedar Lakes. Fun.
    Hugs :)


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