Tuesday, December 12, 2017

de'ja' vu

If you think you've already seen this before, you'd be right.  Except the neutral sashing has been removed and the blocks sewn in the same direction.  Took two photos with different settings, here's one which keeps the photo small, thus not providing lots of detail.  Sometimes my rugs show up better with this setting as it doesn't distort the color.
The other photo below provides many more pixels so that when you tap on the photo shows more detail.
Go back and look the the second photo again....  See that orb to the right side of the quilt piece?  Wonder if that is my boy Ben visiting me.  Yeah, am sure some of you think I'm bonkers for believing that orbs are spirits or angels but when seeing them in a photo it feels comforting.

You won't be seeing stars for quite a while as more blocks need to be made and 11 pieces of fabric for each block needs to be cut and sewn together before any more progress can be made on this never ending project.

Must admit that I do like it better with all the stars facing in the same direction and without the sashing separating the blocks.

Stay warm folks, it is going to get colder here and more snow predicted.



  1. You did a fantastic job on this quilt. Not an easy one to piece together! I believe in Angels and Spirits...and their visits. How much a blessing to have that show up in your photo.

  2. It is always comforting to feel angels near. Love your quilt.
    We are cold and snowy

  3. I was wondering ... that quilt looks really good with the center large star not centered it might get to even if you have the same amount of stars on each side, and if you need it larger a border or a strip of different block might add some extra interest, not that you asked.

  4. Hi Saundra,
    I really like the quilt this way!! When I looked at it before with the different direction of the stars and with the strips, my eyes just kept moving around and couldn't settle!! Now it seems to draw my eye to the center and flows better!! I love it!! Great job!!
    Hope you stay warm with the colder temps coming!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. How cool is that that Ben is visiting you or is just hanging around for comfort.

    The star quilt is so lovely. I tend to agree with Julie.

    My foot is feeling better but my nasty cold is hanging on.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. great changes Saundra..had to go back and look at the previous pics to truly appreciate all the work you did...I've been noticing orbs more now in photos too..hugs


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