Saturday, December 9, 2017

Good Day To Rug Hook

This is what I woke up to this morning.  It started last evening and must admit it is a beautiful view from my front porch.
Thankfully the ground was still warm so the driveway didn't freeze.....yet.
After these photos were taken there was more snow and the temperatures began to drop again.  There was only a slight raise above 32 degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon and now back in the 20's.

It was also a good day to make a pot of chili so didn't accomplish as much as hoped on my Primitive Horse rug.  But have high expectations for tomorrow.  Here are photos with two different settings ~ tap on the photos to enlarge.
You can see Sharpie changes in the petal bottom right.  Still not sure if I'll hook the longer petal as the pattern showed or shorten it.  You know me....always making a change here and there.
Hope you are warm and safe.  Thanks for visiting and always welcome a comment or question from newbies....I was a newbie once myself.



  1. We are having our first real snowfall this evening and it's still snowing as I'm getting ready for bed.

    Chilli sounds yummy this time of year... Your horse rug is taking shape very nicely. It's always fun seeing what changes you'll come up with.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. We got snow too, so I started a new stitchery. Love the colors on that rug, so rich and antique looking.


  3. We still have the same 3-4" of snow frozen all crunchy and dirty looking now. I will take you up on the newbie question thing if that's still okay~. Not supposed to carry your wool on the underside but what about just moving right next to the row to start a new row? Also, what's the best thing to do if your space remaining is about 1.5 width of fabric? Stager? Go two hooks side to side? Oy, I have lots to learn!

  4. Your wool choices in your rug are fantastic. I love watching you work.

  5. we got ours last night very pretty but now for the clean up

  6. Hi Saundra,
    What a beautiful view to wake up to!! No snow here, but it has been chilly on our morning walks so I do have to bundle up!! A pot of Chili and hooking your rug DOES sound like a good day!! The rug is wonderful and I love those colors together!! Hope you enjoy another day of hooking!!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. So very pretty!!
    Definitely a hooking, cooking day,,,,
    Your mat looking great,,,
    Just came home to snow,,,, had a holiday in florida,,, so nice to be home,,, a cozybtime of year,,,,

  8. We got our first snow but very little. That's OK by me!!!
    Still no real hooking here...sigh. Hopefully soon.


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