Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Back to My Rugs

'Twas the year 2013 and another delightful rug camp with Barb Carroll on the now sold Ligonier estate.  The rug I hooked in her class was a Woolly Fox design named Oh Deer.
While at Barb's I fell in love with a newly hooked rug by Barb named Westmoreland Ponies.  Well of course I had to buy some of the wool she used in hers and then later hooked it at home.  The pattern is offered by Woolley Fox but it is also a free pattern in an older issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.
While perusing active blogs noticed Karen Kahle providing a tutorial on hooking a spiral chair pad.  Thought it a way to use up some worms so drew one up and hooked it.
Another rug hooked that year was Big Dog Hollow by Briarwood Folk Art.  Kathy wanted to hook my E.S. Frost sheep so we traded patterns.
Below is Long Island Farmhouse, a design by Lucille Festa.  Still  in my stash is another of her designs named Moon Over Vermont that I need/want to hook. 
Drawing for Polly Minick I was given permission to hook any of her designs at will.  Since I was drawing Two Chickens patterns for her upcoming class decided to hook one for myself.
With chickens still on my  mind and in the mood to design a small mat drew up this "Mother Hen" original, and sold it.
From my pattern stash it was time for me to hook Henny Penny, a Woolley Fox design... ya see a theme here, lol.  
Since I save pictures of antique rugs decided to replicate a design the auction house called Red Bird and the rug was found in Pennsylvania ~ thus the name Red Bird of PA.  Naturally that red bird had faded.
And a year can't go by with hooking a Magdalena rug....Lollipop Bouquet is among one of my most fun to hook even tho I was somewhat skeptical since it had 66 circles.  Yup, I counted them before starting to hook.  But was fun because those colors came out of my worm baggies.
Before Halloween I wanted to hook a sweet mat designed by Barb Carroll called Jack.  It is in an old issue of Rug Hooking magazine.
Hope you have enjoyed seeing more of my old hooked pieces as it has been fun for me to reminisce on the enjoyable hours of hooking.



  1. Fun to see all your rugs !!! You have done a lot !!!

  2. I am always amazed and in awe of what you have hooked.

  3. Wow,,, saundra,,,,
    You never disappoint!!
    Forget these freebies in rug hooking,,, and have most of the mags,,,
    Thanks for the show,,,, love them,,,

  4. You are an inspiration. I remember all these rugs!

  5. Wow! 2013 was a productive year! Think that Westmoreland Ponies is my favorite.


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