Saturday, April 13, 2019

What I Missed ~and Didn't Miss

For sure I missed the fun of rug camp, another great class with Cindy Irwin and seeing all my friends.  What I didn't miss out on tho, were a couple 'goodies'.  My friend and camp roomie Deb dropped by my house on her way home from camp yesterday and gifted me with some camp treasures.

One such gift was something I was looking forward to working on in Cindy's class.  It is a pre-sewn pouch and we could embellish it with beads, wool roving, etc.  

Cindy was generous letting Deb score one for me and sweet Deb needle felted that cute sheep, tree and moon which spread an interesting glow over the area.  
The pouch has a snap closure which is incredibly clever and each of us could make one ourselves by using parts of a metal/retractable measuring tape or tossed out mini blinds.
Another kind gift from Deb was this knitted and felted vessel.  It could be used for wool snippets or do I want to put candy in it at future camp ventures?  Meanwhile it will be a pretty gift for me to enjoy and reflect on friendships.
The floral hooked and beaded purse was done by Deb and will soon be made into a purse with leather.  I will show you the finished product when she receives it back from the leather maker.
Below is the same pattern but hooked in different colors.  
The only rug photos Deb provided was one where her rug was in the show.  Deb's rug is the pastel square rug to the left of the lady in the photo.
For those of you wondering how I'm doing ~ There is finally a diagnosis to my problem.  During the endoscopy and colonoscopy a biopsy was taken of the lining of my stomach as well as the colon.  The diagnosis is Collagenous Colitis.  Soon I'll start medication and plan to attend Cape May Rug camp in September!!!!

Happy Saturday.



  1. I hope your med.s help and quickly.

  2. What nice gifts you received from your hooking buddies ! Hope your feel better soon !!! You have to for your Cape May trip !!!

  3. How sweet of Deb to think of you!
    I'm so happy you finally have an answer and it is not what you dreaded. You must be so relieved!!!

  4. Awesome news, saundra!
    At least now, you know,,,,
    Thats something meds can help,,,
    So glad,,, hope u feel better soon, , after all thise tests!
    Such nice gifts,,,
    Wow,,, a great friend!!
    Take care,,,
    Big rug show in the area tiday, so friend, ann and I going,,,
    Except weather here maybe rainy but at my house may get snow and freeze rain,!! And I drive home later, ,, we will see!!

  5. wonderful patient getting a diagnosis and treatment...hooray for rug camp!

  6. It doesn't sound like fun but glad you know what it is and can take medicine and get on with your life! Wonderful gifts!

  7. Such a sweet friend...and such fun gifts she brought you! They would brighten anyone’s spirits. I absolutely adore that little green purse. Unfortunately, the purses I usually carry are the size of a small suitcase LOL. I am glad you finally got some answers to your issues and hope the medicines are effective in providing you with some relief.... Wishing you a great week ahead! ~Robin~


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